SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
30 Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products
3011 Tires and Inner Tubes
301100 Tires and inner tubes
30110000 Tires and inner tubes
301101 Inner tubes, all types
30110100 Inner tubes, all types
30110101 Agricultural inner tubes
30110102 Airplane inner tubes
30110103 Automobile inner tubes
30110104 Bicycle inner tubes
30110105 Industrial inner tubes
30110107 Truck or bus inner tubes
301102 Pneumatic tires, all types
30110200 Pneumatic tires, all types
30110201 Agricultural tires, pneumatic
30110202 Airplane tires, pneumatic
30110203 Automobile tires, pneumatic
30110204 Bicycle tires, pneumatic
30110205 Industrial tires, pneumatic
30110206 Motorcycle tires, pneumatic
30110207 Truck or bus tires, pneumatic
301103 Tire and inner tube materials and related products
30110300 Tire and inner tube materials and related products
30110301 Retreading materials, tire
30110302 Tire sundries or tire repair materials, rubber
30110303 Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with metal core
30110305 Tread rubber, camelback for tire retreading
301199 Tires and inner tubes, nec
30119901 Tires, cushion or solid rubber
30119902 Tires, semi-pneumatic
3021 Rubber and Plastics Footwear
302100 Rubber and plastics footwear
30210000 Rubber and plastics footwear
302101 Protective footwear, rubber or plastic
30210100 Protective footwear, rubber or plastic
30210102 Boots, plastic
30210103 Boots, rubber or rubber soled fabric
30210104 Gaiters, rubber or rubber soled fabric
30210105 Galoshes, plastic
30210106 Galoshes, rubber or rubber soled fabric
30210108 Overshoes, rubber or rubber soled fabric
30210109 Pacs: rubber or rubber soled fabric
302102 Shoes, rubber or plastic molded to fabric
30210200 Shoes, rubber or plastic molded to fabric
30210201 Canvas shoes, rubber soled
30210202 Footholds, rubber or rubber soled fabric
30210203 Sandals, rubber
30210204 Shoes, plastic soles molded to fabric uppers
30210205 Shoes, rubber or rubber soled fabric uppers
3052 Rubber and Plastics Hose and Beltings
305200 Rubber and plastics hose and beltings
30520000 Rubber and plastics hose and beltings
305201 Rubber hose
30520100 Rubber hose
30520101 Air line or air brake hose, rubber or rubberized fabric
30520102 Automobile hose, rubber
30520103 Cotton fabric, rubber lined hose
30520104 Fire hose, rubber
30520105 Garden hose, rubber
30520106 Heater hose, rubber
30520107 Hose, pneumatic: rubber or rubberized fabric, nec
30520108 Vacuum cleaner hose, rubber
305202 Plastic hose
30520200 Plastic hose
30520201 Automobile hose, plastic
30520202 Garden hose, plastic
30520203 Heater hose, plastic
30520204 Vacuum cleaner hose, plastic
305203 Rubber belting
30520300 Rubber belting
30520301 Transmission belting, rubber
30520302 V-belts, rubber
305204 Plastic belting
30520400 Plastic belting
30520401 V-belts, plastic
3053 Gaskets; Packing and Sealing Devices
305300 Gaskets; packing and sealing devices
30530000 Gaskets; packing and sealing devices
305301 Gaskets and sealing devices
30530100 Gaskets and sealing devices
30530101 Gasket materials
30530102 Gaskets, all materials
30530103 Grease retainers, leather
30530104 Grease seals, asbestos
30530105 Oil seals, asbestos
30530106 Oil seals, leather
30530107 Oil seals, rubber
30530108 Washers, leather
305302 Packing materials
30530200 Packing materials
30530201 Cup packing, leather
30530202 Packing, leather, nec
30530203 Packing, metallic
30530204 Packing, rubber
30530205 Packing: steam engines, pipe joints, air compressors, etc.
3061 Mechanical Rubber Goods
306100 Mechanical rubber goods
30610000 Mechanical rubber goods
306199 Mechanical rubber goods, nec
30619901 Appliance rubber goods (mechanical)
30619902 Automotive rubber goods (mechanical)
30619903 Medical and surgical rubber tubing (extruded and lathe-cut)
30619904 Oil and gas field machinery rubber goods (mechanical)
3069 Fabricated Rubber Products, Nec
306900 Fabricated rubber products, nec
30690000 Fabricated rubber products, nec
306901 Medical and laboratory rubber sundries and related products
30690100 Medical and laboratory rubber sundries and related products
30690101 Acid bottles, rubber
30690102 Bulbs, rubber: for atomizers, syringes, medicine droppers
30690103 Culture cups, rubber
30690104 Fountain syringes, rubber
30690105 Laboratory sundries: cases, covers, funnels, cups, etc.
30690106 Medical sundries, rubber
30690107 Spray bulbs, rubber
30690108 Stoppers, rubber
30690109 Water bottles, rubber
306902 Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings
30690200 Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings
30690201 Bathmats, rubber
30690202 Door mats, rubber
30690203 Floor coverings, rubber
30690204 Flooring, rubber: tile or sheet
30690205 Mats or matting, rubber, nec
30690206 Sheeting, rubber or rubberized fabric
30690207 Stair treads, rubber
30690208 Tile, rubber
30690209 Wallcoverings, rubber
306903 Rubber coated fabrics and clothing
30690300 Rubber coated fabrics and clothing
30690301 Aprons, vulcanized rubbed or rubberized fabric
30690302 Baby pants, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric
30690303 Bathing caps or suits, rubber
30690304 Bibs, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric
30690305 Capes, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric
30690307 Clothing, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric
30690308 Dress shields, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric
30690309 Mittens, rubber
30690310 Rubberized fabrics
30690311 Wet suits, rubber
306904 Air-supported rubber structures
30690400 Air-supported rubber structures
30690401 Balloons, advertising and toy: rubber
30690402 Balloons, metal foil laminated with rubber
30690403 Life jackets, inflatable: rubberized fabric
30690404 Life rafts, rubber
30690405 Mattresses, pneumatic: fabric coated with rubber
306905 Boot or shoe products, rubber
30690500 Boot or shoe products, rubber
30690501 Heels, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber
30690502 Soles, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber
30690504 Top lift sheets, rubber
306906 Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds
30690600 Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds
30690601 Chlorinated rubbers, natural
30690602 Custom compounding of rubber materials
30690604 Gutta-percha compounds
30690605 Latex, foamed
30690606 Reclaimed rubber (reworked by manufacturing processes)
30690607 Rug backing compounds, latex
306907 Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products
30690700 Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products
30690701 Pillows, sponge rubber
30690702 Weather strip, sponge rubber
306908 Druggist's rubber sundries
30690800 Druggist's rubber sundries
30690801 Baby pacifiers, rubber
30690802 Birth control devices, rubber
30690803 Finger cots, rubber
30690804 Nipples, rubber
30690805 Orthopedic sundries, molded rubber
30690806 Teething rings, rubber
306909 Stationer's rubber sundries
30690900 Stationer's rubber sundries
30690901 Erasers: rubber, or rubber and abrasive combined
30690902 Rubber bands
306910 Hard rubber and molded rubber products
30691000 Hard rubber and molded rubber products
30691001 Battery boxes, jars, or parts, hard rubber
30691002 Boxes, hard rubber
30691003 Grips or handles, rubber
30691004 Hard rubber products, nec
30691005 Mallets, rubber
30691006 Molded rubber products
30691007 Rods, hard rubber
30691008 Sheets, hard rubber
30691009 Tubes, hard rubber
30691010 Urinals, rubber
30691011 Valves, hard rubber
306911 Rubber hair accessories
30691100 Rubber hair accessories
30691101 Brushes, rubber
30691102 Combs, hard rubber
30691103 Curlers, hair, rubber
30691104 Hairpins, rubber
306912 Rubber smoking accessories
30691200 Rubber smoking accessories
30691201 Mouthpieces for pipes, cigarette holders, etc.: rubber
30691202 Pipestems or bits, tobacco: hard rubber
306913 Rubber rolls and roll coverings
30691300 Rubber rolls and roll coverings
30691301 Printers' rolls and blankets: rubber or rubberized fabric
30691302 Roll coverings, rubber
30691303 Rolls, solid or covered rubber
30691304 Top roll covering, for textile mill machinery: rubber
306914 Rubber automotive products
30691400 Rubber automotive products
30691401 Brake linings, rubber
30691402 Rubber covered motor mounting rings (rubber bonded)
306915 Rubber hardware
30691500 Rubber hardware
30691501 Bushings, rubber
30691502 Castings, rubber
30691503 Expansion joints, rubber
30691504 Grommets, rubber
30691505 Plumbers' rubber goods
30691506 Washers, rubber
306916 Rubber tape
30691600 Rubber tape
30691601 Friction tape, rubber
30691602 Tape, pressure sensitive: rubber
306999 Fabricated rubber products, nec, nec
30699901 Bags, rubber or rubberized fabric
30699902 Balls, rubber
30699903 Bath sprays, rubber
30699904 Film, rubber
30699905 Foam rubber
30699906 Fuel tanks, collapsible: rubberized fabric
30699908 Kneeling pads, rubber
30699909 Liner strips, rubber
30699910 Linings, vulcanizable rubber
30699911 Mattress protectors, rubber
30699912 Platens, except printers': solid or covered rubber
30699913 Pontoons, rubber
30699914 Pump sleeves, rubber
30699915 Roofing, membrane rubber
30699916 Spatulas, rubber
30699917 Thread, rubber
30699918 Toys, rubber
30699920 Tubing, rubber
30699921 Type, rubber
30699922 Wainscoting, rubber
30699923 Strapping, rubber
3081 Unsupported Plastics Film and Sheet
308100 Unsupported plastics film and sheet
30810000 Unsupported plastics film and sheet
308101 Plastics film and sheet
30810100 Plastics film and sheet
30810101 Packing materials, plastics sheet
30810102 Photographic and X-ray film and sheet
30810103 Polyethylene film
30810104 Polypropylene film and sheet
30810105 Polyvinyl film and sheet
30810106 Vinyl film and sheet
308199 Unsupported plastics film and sheet, nec
30819901 Film base, cellulose acetate or nitrocellulose plastics
30819902 Floor or wall covering, unsupported plastics
30819903 Tile, unsupported plastics
3082 Unsupported Plastics Profile Shapes
308200 Unsupported plastics profile shapes
30820000 Unsupported plastics profile shapes
308299 Unsupported plastics profile shapes, nec
30829901 Rods, unsupported plastics
30829902 Tubes, unsupported plastics
3083 Laminated Plastics Plate and Sheet
308300 Laminated plastics plate and sheet
30830000 Laminated plastics plate and sheet
308399 Laminated plastics plate and sheet, nec
30839901 Laminated plastics sheets
30839902 Plastics finished products, laminated
30839903 Retroflective sheeting, plastics
30839904 Thermoplastics laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet
30839905 Thermosetting laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet
30839906 Window sheeting, plastics
3084 Plastics Pipe
308400 Plastics pipe
30840000 Plastics pipe
3085 Plastics Bottles
308500 Plastics bottles
30850000 Plastics bottles
3086 Plastics Foam Products
308600 Plastics foam products
30860000 Plastics foam products
308699 Plastics foam products, nec
30869901 Carpet and rug cushions, foamed plastics
30869902 Cups and plates, foamed plastics
30869903 Ice chests or coolers (portable), foamed plastics
30869904 Insulation or cushioning material, foamed plastics
30869905 Packaging and shipping materials, foamed plastics
30869906 Padding, foamed plastics
3087 Custom Compound Purchased Resins
308700 Custom compound purchased resins
30870000 Custom compound purchased resins
3088 Plastics Plumbing Fixtures
308800 Plastics plumbing fixtures
30880000 Plastics plumbing fixtures
308899 Plastics plumbing fixtures, nec
30889901 Bathroom fixtures, plastics
30889902 Hot tubs, plastics or fiberglass
30889903 Shower stalls, fiberglass and plastics
30889904 Sinks, plastics
30889905 Toilet fixtures, plastics
30889906 Tubs (bath, shower, and laundry), plastics
3089 Plastics Products, Nec
308900 Plastics products, nec
30890000 Plastics products, nec
308901 Plastics containers, except foam
30890100 Plastics containers, except foam
30890101 Battery cases, plastics or plastics combination
30890102 Boxes, plastics
30890103 Buckets, plastics
30890104 Cases, plastics
30890105 Garbage containers, plastics
30890106 Jars, plastics
30890107 Organizers for closets, drawers, etc.: plastics
30890108 Pails, plastics
30890109 Planters, plastics
30890110 Plastics and fiberglass tanks
30890111 Tubs, plastics (containers)
308902 Plastics kitchenware, tableware, and houseware
30890200 Plastics kitchenware, tableware, and houseware
30890201 Bottle caps, molded plastics
30890202 Bowl covers, plastics
30890203 Caps, plastics
30890204 Carafes, plastics
30890205 Clothes hangers, plastics
30890207 Cups, plastics, except foam
30890208 Dishes, plastics, except foam
30890209 Flower pots, plastics
30890210 Holders: paper towel, grocery bag, etc.: plastics
30890211 Kitchenware, plastics
30890212 Lamp bases and shades, plastics
30890213 Picnic jugs, plastics
30890214 Plates, plastics
30890215 Saucers, plastics
30890216 Tableware, plastics
30890217 Tissue dispensers, plastics
30890218 Tops: dispenser, shaker, etc.: plastics
30890219 Trays, plastics
30890220 Tumblers, plastics
30890221 Watering pots, plastics
308903 Plastics hardware and building products
30890300 Plastics hardware and building products
30890301 Awnings, fiberglass and plastics combination
30890302 Composition stone, plastics
30890303 Corrugated panels, plastics
30890304 Doors, folding: plastics or plastics coated fabric
30890305 Downspouts, plastics
30890306 Ducting, plastics
30890307 Fences, gates, and accessories: plastics
30890308 Fittings for pipe, plastics
30890309 Flat panels, plastics
30890310 Gutters (glass fiber reinforced), fiberglass or plastics
30890311 Hardware, plastics
30890312 Netting, plastics
30890313 Panels, building: plastics, nec
30890314 Reinforcing mesh, plastics
30890315 Septic tanks, plastics
30890316 Shutters, plastics
30890317 Siding, plastics
30890318 Spouting, plastics and glass fiber reinforced
30890319 Washers, plastics
30890320 Window frames and sash, plastics
30890321 Window screening, plastics
30890322 Windows, plastics
30890323 Prefabricated plastics buildings
30890324 Fiberglass doors
308904 Boot or shoe products, plastics
30890400 Boot or shoe products, plastics
30890401 Heels, boot or shoe: plastics
30890402 Soles, boot or shoe: plastics
30890403 Soling strips, boot or shoe: plastics
308905 Plastics boats and other marine equipment
30890500 Plastics boats and other marine equipment
30890501 Boats, nonrigid: plastics
30890502 Buoys and floats, plastics
30890503 Life rafts, nonrigid: plastics
30890504 Pontoons, nonrigid: plastics
308906 Plastics processing
30890600 Plastics processing
30890601 Blow molded finished plastics products, nec
30890602 Casein products
30890603 Casting of plastics
30890604 Celluloid products
30890605 Coloring and finishing of plastics products
30890606 Engraving of plastics
30890607 Fiber, vulcanized
30890608 Injection molded finished plastics products, nec
30890609 Injection molding of plastics
30890610 Laminating of plastics
30890611 Molding primary plastics
30890612 Synthetic resin finished products, nec
30890613 Thermoformed finished plastics products, nec
30890614 Vulcanized fiber plates, sheets, rods, or tubes
30890615 Extruded finished plastics products, nec
308999 Plastics products, nec, nec
30899901 Air mattresses, plastics
30899902 Aquarium accessories, plastics
30899903 Bands, plastics
30899904 Bearings, plastics
30899905 Billfold inserts, plastics
30899906 Blister or bubble formed packaging, plastics
30899907 Closures, plastics
30899908 Combs, plastics
30899909 Floor coverings, plastics
30899910 Food casings, plastics
30899911 Gloves or mittens, plastics
30899912 Handles, brush or tool: plastics
30899913 Identification cards, plastics
30899914 Kits, plastics
30899915 Lenses, except optical: plastics
30899916 Monofilaments, nontextile
30899917 Novelties, plastics
30899918 Pallets, plastics
30899919 Sponges, plastics
30899920 Stock shapes, plastics
30899922 Tires, plastics
30899923 Toilets, portable chemical: plastics
30899924 Windshields, plastics
30899925 Work gloves, plastics
30899926 Automotive parts, plastic

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )