SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
31 Leather and Leather Products
3111 Leather Tanning and Finishing
311100 Leather tanning and finishing
31110000 Leather tanning and finishing
311101 Equestrian leather products
31110100 Equestrian leather products
31110101 Bridle leather
31110102 Harness leather
31110104 Saddlery leather
31110105 Strap leather
311102 Shoe leather
31110200 Shoe leather
31110201 Patent leather
31110202 Sole leather
31110203 Upper leather
311103 Leather processing
31110300 Leather processing
31110301 Coloring of leather
31110302 Currying of leather
31110303 Cutting of leather
31110304 Die-cutting of leather
31110305 Embossing of leather
31110306 Finishing of leather
31110307 Hides: tanning, currying, and finishing
31110309 Leather converters
31110310 Rawhide
31110311 Tanneries, leather
311104 Accessory products, leather
31110400 Accessory products, leather
31110401 Bag leather
31110402 Belting leather
31110403 Case leather
31110404 Glove leather
31110405 Handbag leather
31110406 Lace leather
31110407 Sweatband leather
311105 Garment leather
31110500 Garment leather
31110501 Collar leather
31110502 Lining leather
311106 Fine, pliant leather; sheep, goat, calf
31110600 Fine, pliant leather; sheep, goat, calf
31110601 Bookbinders' leather
31110602 Chamois leather
31110604 Shearling (prepared sheepskin)
311107 Industrial leather products
31110700 Industrial leather products
31110701 Mechanical leather
31110702 Roller leather
311199 Leather tanning and finishing, nec
31119901 Fancy or exotic leathers, nec
31119902 Specialty leathers, nec
31119903 Upholstery leather
3131 Footwear Cut Stock
313100 Footwear cut stock
31310000 Footwear cut stock
313101 Boot and shoe accessories
31310100 Boot and shoe accessories
31310101 Bows, shoe
31310102 Buckles, shoe
31310103 Clasps, shoe
31310104 Laces, shoe and boot: leather
31310105 Ornaments, shoe
313102 Heel parts for shoes
31310200 Heel parts for shoes
31310201 Counters
31310203 Heel lifts, leather
31310204 Heels, shoe and boot: leather or wood
31310205 Top lifts, shoe and boot
313103 Sole parts for shoes
31310300 Sole parts for shoes
31310301 Rands
31310303 Soles, shoe and boot: except rubber, plastics, etc.
31310304 Taps, shoe
31310305 Welting, cut stock and finding
313104 Inner parts for shoes
31310400 Inner parts for shoes
31310401 Inner soles, leather
31310402 Linings, shoe and boot: leather
31310403 Stays, shoe
31310404 Tongues, shoe and boot, leather
313105 Body parts, shoe outers
31310500 Body parts, shoe outers
31310501 Box toes, leather
31310502 Quarters
31310504 Toe caps, leather or metal
31310505 Trimmings (leather), shoe
31310506 Uppers
3142 House Slippers
314200 House slippers
31420000 House slippers
314299 House slippers, nec
31429901 Slipper socks, made from purchased socks
3143 Men's Footwear, Except athletic
314300 Men's footwear, except athletic
31430000 Men's footwear, except athletic
314399 Men's footwear, except athletic, nec
31439901 Boots, dress or casual: men's
31439902 Dress shoes, men's
31439903 Orthopedic shoes, men's
31439904 Sandals, men's
31439905 Work shoes, men's
3144 Women's Footwear, Except athletic
314400 Women's footwear, except athletic
31440000 Women's footwear, except athletic
314499 Women's footwear, except athletic, nec
31449901 Boots, canvas or leather: women's
31449902 Dress shoes, women's
31449903 Orthopedic shoes, women's
31449904 Sandals, women's
3149 Footwear, Except Rubber, Nec
314900 Footwear, except rubber, nec
31490000 Footwear, except rubber, nec
314901 Children's footwear, except athletic
31490100 Children's footwear, except athletic
31490101 Orthopedic shoes, children's
31490102 Sandals, except rubber or plastic: children's
314999 Footwear, except rubber, nec, nec
31499901 Athletic shoes, except rubber or plastic
31499902 Ballet slippers
31499903 Moccasins
31499904 Shoe dyeing
3151 Leather Gloves and Mittens
315100 Leather gloves and mittens
31510000 Leather gloves and mittens
315199 Leather gloves and mittens, nec
31519901 Gloves, leather: dress or semidress
31519902 Gloves, leather: work
31519903 Mittens, leather
31519904 Welders' gloves
3161 Luggage
316100 Luggage
31610000 Luggage
316101 Clothing and apparel carrying cases
31610100 Clothing and apparel carrying cases
31610101 Hat boxes
31610102 Shoe kits
31610103 Suitcases
31610104 Traveling bags
31610105 Wardrobe bags (luggage)
316199 Luggage, nec
31619901 Attache' cases
31619902 Briefcases
31619903 Camera carrying bags
31619904 Cases, carrying, nec
31619905 Musical instrument cases
31619906 Sample cases
31619907 Satchels
31619908 Trunks
31619909 Valises
3171 Women's Handbags and Purses
317100 Women's handbags and purses
31710000 Women's handbags and purses
317199 Women's handbags and purses, nec
31719901 Handbags, women's
31719902 Purses, women's
3172 Personal Leather Goods, Nec
317200 Personal leather goods, nec
31720000 Personal leather goods, nec
317201 Leather money holders
31720100 Leather money holders
31720101 Billfolds
31720102 Coin purses
31720103 Handbags, regardless of material: men's
31720104 Wallets
317202 Leather cases
31720200 Leather cases
31720201 Card cases
31720202 Cases, glasses
31720203 Cases, jewelry
31720204 Cigarette and cigar cases
31720205 Key cases
31720206 Sewing cases
31720207 Toilet kits and cases
31720208 Vanity cases
317299 Personal leather goods, nec, nec
31729901 Checkbook covers
31729903 Cosmetic bags
31729904 Tobacco pouches
31729905 Watch straps, except metal
3199 Leather Goods, Nec
319900 Leather goods, nec
31990000 Leather goods, nec
319901 Equestrian related leather articles
31990100 Equestrian related leather articles
31990101 Boots, horse
31990102 Feed bags for horses
31990103 Harness or harness parts
31990104 Riding crops
31990105 Saddles or parts
31990106 Spats
31990107 Stirrups, wood or metal
31990108 Whips, leather
31990109 Whipstocks
319902 Leather garments
31990200 Leather garments
31990201 Aprons: welders', blacksmiths', etc.: leather
31990202 Helmets, leather
31990203 Holsters, leather
31990204 Leggings or chaps, canvas or leather, nec
31990205 Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves: leather
319903 Leather belting and strapping
31990300 Leather belting and strapping
31990301 Belt laces, leather
31990302 Belting for machinery: solid, twisted, flat, etc.: leather
31990303 Mill strapping for textile mills, leather
31990304 Razor strops
31990305 Safety belts, leather
31990306 Seat belts, leather
31990307 Straps, leather
31990308 Transmission belting, leather
319999 Leather goods, nec, nec
31999901 Boxes, leather
31999902 Burnt leather goods
31999903 Corners, luggage: leather
31999904 Desk sets, leather
31999905 Dog furnishings: collars, leashes, muzzles, etc.: leather
31999906 Embossed leather goods
31999907 Handles, whip or luggage: leather
31999908 Novelties, leather

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )