SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
32 Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products
3211 Flat Glass
321100 Flat glass
32110000 Flat glass
321101 Transparent optical glass, except lenses
32110100 Transparent optical glass, except lenses
32110101 Ophthalmic glass, flat
32110102 Optical glass, flat
32110103 Spectacle glass
321102 Strengthened or reinforced glass
32110200 Strengthened or reinforced glass
32110201 Laminated glass
32110202 Tempered glass
321103 Construction glass
32110300 Construction glass
32110301 Building glass, flat
32110302 Insulating glass, sealed units
32110303 Skylight glass
32110304 Structural glass
32110305 Window glass, clear and colored
321104 Plate and sheet glass
32110400 Plate and sheet glass
32110401 Plate glass, polished and rough
32110402 Sheet glass
321199 Flat glass, nec
32119901 Antique glass
32119902 Cathedral glass
32119903 Float glass
32119904 Opalescent glass, flat
32119905 Picture glass
3221 Glass Containers
322100 Glass containers
32210000 Glass containers
322101 Food containers, glass
32210100 Food containers, glass
32210101 Fruit jars, glass
32210102 Milk bottles, glass
32210103 Water bottles, glass
322199 Glass containers, nec
32219901 Bottles for packing, bottling, and canning: glass
32219903 Cosmetic jars, glass
32219904 Medicine bottles, glass
32219905 Packers' ware (containers), glass
32219906 Vials, glass
3229 Pressed and Blown Glass, Nec
322900 Pressed and blown glass, nec
32290000 Pressed and blown glass, nec
322901 Glass furnishings and accessories
32290100 Glass furnishings and accessories
32290101 Ashtrays, glass
32290102 Barware
32290103 Bowls, glass
32290104 Candlesticks, glass
32290105 Cooking utensils, glass or glass ceramic
32290106 Tableware, glass or glass ceramic
32290107 Vases, glass
322902 Optical glass
32290200 Optical glass
32290201 Lens blanks, optical
32290202 Ophthalmic glass, except flat
32290203 Optical glass blanks
322903 Industrial-use glassware
32290300 Industrial-use glassware
32290301 Blocks and bricks, glass
32290302 Glassware, industrial
32290303 Insulators, electrical: glass
322904 Glass fiber products
32290400 Glass fiber products
32290401 Fiber optics strands
32290402 Glass fibers, textile
32290403 Yarn, fiberglass
322905 Glass tubes and tubing
32290500 Glass tubes and tubing
32290502 Tubing, glass
32290503 TV tube blanks, glass
322906 Scientific glassware
32290600 Scientific glassware
32290601 Level vials for instruments, glass
322907 Glass lighting equipment parts
32290700 Glass lighting equipment parts
32290701 Bulbs for electric lights
32290702 Chimneys, lamp: pressed or blown glass
32290703 Glass blanks for electric light bulbs
32290704 Lamp parts and shades, glass
32290705 Lantern globes
32290706 Lenses, lantern, flashlight, headlight, etc.: glass
32290707 Reflectors for lighting equipment, pressed or blown glass
322908 Art, decorative and novelty glassware
32290800 Art, decorative and novelty glassware
32290801 Christmas tree ornaments, from glass produced on-site
32290802 Glassware, art or decorative
32290803 Novelty glassware
32290804 Stationers' glassware: inkwells, clip cups, etc.
3231 Products of Purchased Glass
323100 Products of purchased glass
32310000 Products of purchased glass
323101 Ornamental glass: cut, engraved or otherwise decorated
32310100 Ornamental glass: cut, engraved or otherwise decorated
32310101 Christmas tree ornaments: made from purchased glass
32310102 Cut and engraved glassware: made from purchased glass
32310103 Decorated glassware: chipped, engraved, etched, etc.
32310104 Enameled glass
32310105 Encrusting gold, silver, or other metals on glass products
32310106 Mosaics, glass: made from purchased glass
32310107 Novelties, glass: fruit, foliage, flowers, animals, etc.
32310108 Stained glass: made from purchased glass
323102 Mirrored glass
32310200 Mirrored glass
32310201 Mirrors, truck and automobile: made from purchased glass
32310202 Silvered glass: made from purchased glass
323103 Reflecting glass
32310300 Reflecting glass
32310301 Aquariums and reflectors, glass
32310302 Reflector glass beads, for highway signs or reflectors
323104 Strengthened or reinforced glass
32310400 Strengthened or reinforced glass
32310401 Insulating glass: made from purchased glass
32310402 Insulating units, multiple-glazed: made from purchased glass
32310403 Laminated glass: made from purchased glass
32310404 Leaded glass
32310405 Safety glass: made from purchased glass
32310406 Tempered glass: made from purchased glass
32310407 Windshields, glass: made from purchased glass
323105 Laboratory glassware
32310500 Laboratory glassware
32310501 Medical and laboratory glassware: made from purchased glass
32310502 Scientific and technical glassware: from purchased glass
323199 Products of purchased glass, nec
32319901 Art glass: made from purchased glass
32319902 Doors, glass: made from purchased glass
32319903 Furniture tops, glass: cut, beveled, or polished
32319904 Glass sheet bent: made from purchased glass
32319905 Industrial glassware: made from purchased glass
32319906 Watch crystals, glass
32319907 Framed mirrors
3241 Cement, Hydraulic
324100 Cement, hydraulic
32410000 Cement, hydraulic
324199 Cement, hydraulic, nec
32419901 Masonry cement
32419902 Natural cement
32419903 Portland cement
32419904 Pozzolana cement
3251 Brick and Structural Clay Tile
325100 Brick and structural clay tile
32510000 Brick and structural clay tile
325101 Structural brick and blocks
32510100 Structural brick and blocks
32510101 Brick clay: common face, glazed, vitrified, or hollow
32510102 Ceramic glazed brick, clay
32510103 Chimney blocks, radial: clay
32510104 Flooring brick, clay
32510105 Paving brick, clay
325102 Structural clay tile
32510200 Structural clay tile
32510201 Book tile, clay
32510202 Building tile, clay
32510203 Corncrib tile
32510204 Facing tile, clay
32510205 Fireproofing tile, clay
32510206 Floor arch tile, clay
32510208 Partition tile, clay
3253 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
325300 Ceramic wall and floor tile
32530000 Ceramic wall and floor tile
325301 Clay wall and floor tile
32530100 Clay wall and floor tile
32530101 Enamel tile, floor or wall: clay
32530102 Quarry tile, clay
325302 Ceramic wall and floor tile
32530200 Ceramic wall and floor tile
32530201 Floor tile, ceramic
32530202 Mosaic tile, glazed and unglazed: ceramic
32530203 Wall tile, ceramic
3255 Clay Refractories
325500 Clay refractories
32550000 Clay refractories
325501 Plastic refractories
32550100 Plastic refractories
32550101 Plastic fire clay bricks
325502 Glasshouse refractories
32550200 Glasshouse refractories
32550201 Floaters, glasshouse: clay
32550202 Melting pots, glasshouse: clay
32550203 Stoppers, glasshouse: clay
32550204 Tank blocks, glasshouse: clay
325503 Tile and brick refractories, except plastic
32550300 Tile and brick refractories, except plastic
32550301 Brick, clay refractory
32550302 Fire clay blocks, bricks, tile, or special shapes
32550303 Firebrick, clay
32550304 Ladle brick, clay
32550305 Tile, clay refractory
325504 Firing oven and accessories, clay
32550400 Firing oven and accessories, clay
325599 Clay refractories, nec
32559901 Castable refractories: clay
32559902 Cement, clay refractory
32559903 Foundry refractories, clay
32559904 Heater radiants, clay
32559905 Hot top refractories, clay
32559906 Mortars, clay refractory
3259 Structural Clay Products, Nec
325900 Structural clay products, nec
32590000 Structural clay products, nec
325901 Clay sewer and drainage pipe and tile
32590100 Clay sewer and drainage pipe and tile
32590102 Drain tile, clay
32590103 Liner brick or plates for sewer/tank lining, vitrified clay
32590104 Sewer pipe or fittings, clay
325902 Clay chimney products
32590200 Clay chimney products
32590201 Chimney pipe and tops, clay
32590203 Flue lining, clay
325903 Architectural clay products
32590300 Architectural clay products
32590301 Adobe brick
32590302 Architectural terra cotta
32590303 Roofing tile, clay
325999 Structural clay products, nec, nec
32599901 Segment blocks, clay
32599902 Stove lining, clay
32599903 Wall coping, clay
3261 Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures
326100 Vitreous plumbing fixtures
32610000 Vitreous plumbing fixtures
326101 Bathroom accessories/fittings, vitreous china or earthenware
32610100 Bathroom accessories/fittings, vitreous china or earthenware
32610101 Bolt caps, vitreous china or earthenware
32610102 Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware
32610104 Soap dishes, vitreous china
32610105 Towel bar holders, vitreous china
326102 Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
32610200 Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
32610201 Bidets, vitreous china
32610202 Closet bowls, vitreous china
32610203 Drinking fountains, vitreous china
32610204 Flush tanks, vitreous china
32610205 Lavatories, vitreous china
32610206 Sinks, vitreous china
32610207 Toilet fixtures, vitreous china
32610208 Urinals, vitreous china
3262 Vitreous China Table and Kitchenware
326200 Vitreous china table and kitchenware
32620000 Vitreous china table and kitchenware
326299 Vitreous china table and kitchenware, nec
32629901 Bone china
32629902 China cookware
32629903 Dishes, commercial or household: vitreous china
32629904 Tableware, vitreous china
3263 Semivitreous Table and Kitchenware
326300 Semivitreous table and kitchenware
32630000 Semivitreous table and kitchenware
326399 Semivitreous table and kitchenware, nec
32639901 Commercial tableware or kitchen articles, fine earthenware
32639902 Cookware, fine earthenware
32639903 Earthenware, household or commercial: semivitreous
32639904 Kitchen articles, semivitreous earthenware
32639905 Tableware, household and commercial: semivitreous
32639906 Whiteware, fine type semivitreous table or kitchen articles
3264 Porcelain Electrical Supplies
326400 Porcelain electrical supplies
32640000 Porcelain electrical supplies
326499 Porcelain electrical supplies, nec
32649901 Cleats, porcelain
32649902 Ferrite and ferrite parts
32649903 Insulators, electrical: porcelain
32649904 Knobs, porcelain
32649905 Magnets, permanent: ceramic or ferrite
32649906 Porcelain parts for electrical devices, molded
32649907 Spark plugs, porcelain
32649908 Tubes, porcelain
3269 Pottery Products, Nec
326900 Pottery products, nec
32690000 Pottery products, nec
326901 Pottery cooking and kitchen articles
32690100 Pottery cooking and kitchen articles
32690101 Cookware: stoneware, coarse earthenware, and pottery
32690102 Crockery
32690103 Kitchen and table articles, coarse earthenware
32690104 Kitchen articles, coarse earthenware
326902 Laboratory and industrial pottery
32690200 Laboratory and industrial pottery
32690201 Chemical porcelain
32690202 Cones, pyrometric: earthenware
32690203 Filtering media, pottery
32690204 Forms for dipped rubber products, pottery
32690205 Grinding media, pottery
32690206 Pyrometer tubes
326903 China decorating
32690300 China decorating
32690301 Decalcomania work on china and glass
32690303 Firing and decorating china
326904 Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles
32690400 Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles
32690401 Lamp bases, pottery
32690402 Smokers' articles, pottery
32690403 Vases, pottery
326905 Pottery florists' articles
32690500 Pottery florists' articles
32690501 Flower pots, red earthenware
326999 Pottery products, nec, nec
32699901 Art and ornamental ware, pottery
32699902 Figures: pottery, china, earthenware, and stoneware
32699903 Heater parts, pottery
32699904 Stationery articles, pottery
32699905 Stoneware pottery products
32699906 Textile guides, porcelain
3271 Concrete Block and Brick
327100 Concrete block and brick
32710000 Concrete block and brick
327199 Concrete block and brick, nec
32719901 Architectural concrete: block, split, fluted, screen, etc.
32719902 Blocks, concrete or cinder: standard
32719903 Blocks, concrete: acoustical
32719904 Blocks, concrete: chimney or fireplace
32719905 Blocks, concrete: drystack interlocking
32719906 Blocks, concrete: glazed face
32719907 Blocks, concrete: heat absorbing
32719908 Blocks, concrete: insulating
32719909 Blocks, concrete: landscape or retaining wall
32719910 Blocks, concrete: radiation-proof
32719911 Brick, concrete
32719912 Paving blocks, concrete
32719913 Plinth blocks, precast terrazzo
32719914 Roof ballast block, concrete
32719915 Sewer and manhole block, concrete
3272 Concrete Products, Nec
327200 Concrete products, nec
32720000 Concrete products, nec
327201 Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers: concrete
32720100 Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers: concrete
32720101 Catch basin covers, concrete
32720102 Manhole covers or frames, concrete
32720103 Septic tanks, concrete
32720104 Tanks, concrete
327202 Solid containing units, concrete
32720200 Solid containing units, concrete
32720201 Battery wells or boxes, concrete
32720202 Garbage boxes, concrete
32720203 Grease traps, concrete
32720204 Incinerators, concrete
32720205 Meter boxes, concrete
32720206 Silo staves, cast stone or concrete
32720207 Silos, prefabricated concrete
327203 Precast terrazo or concrete products
32720300 Precast terrazo or concrete products
32720301 Bathtubs, concrete
32720302 Burial vaults, concrete or precast terrazzo
32720303 Concrete products, precast, nec
32720304 Floor slabs and tiles, precast concrete
32720305 Floor tile, precast terrazzo
32720306 Fountains, concrete
32720307 Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo
32720308 Furniture, church: concrete
32720309 Furniture, garden: concrete
32720311 Poles and posts, concrete
32720312 Roofing tile and slabs, concrete
32720313 Shower receptors, concrete
32720314 Slabs, crossing: concrete
32720315 Spanish floor tile, concrete
32720316 Steps, prefabricated concrete
32720318 Terrazzo products, precast, nec
32720319 Thresholds, precast terrazzo
32720320 Ties, railroad: concrete
32720321 Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete
32720322 Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete
32720323 Wall base, precast terrazzo
32720324 Wash foundations, precast terrazzo
327204 Fireplace and chimney material: concrete
32720400 Fireplace and chimney material: concrete
32720401 Chimney caps, concrete
32720402 Fireplaces, concrete
32720403 Mantels, concrete
327205 Concrete window and door components, sills and frames
32720500 Concrete window and door components, sills and frames
32720501 Areaways, basement window: concrete
32720502 Door frames, concrete
32720503 Lintels, concrete
32720504 Sills, concrete
32720505 Window sills, cast stone
327206 Concrete products used to facilitate drainage
32720600 Concrete products used to facilitate drainage
32720601 Concrete articulated mattresses for river revetment
32720602 Conduits, concrete
32720603 Copings, concrete
32720604 Culvert pipe, concrete
32720605 Cylinder pipe, prestressed or pretensioned concrete
32720606 Drain tile, concrete
32720607 Irrigation pipe, concrete
32720608 Pipe, concrete or lined with concrete
32720609 Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete
32720610 Sewer pipe, concrete
32720611 Well curbing, concrete
327207 Concrete stuctural support and building material
32720700 Concrete stuctural support and building material
32720701 Ashlar, cast stone
32720702 Building materials, except block or brick: concrete
32720703 Building stone, artificial: concrete
32720704 Cast stone, concrete
32720705 Columns, concrete
32720707 Housing components, prefabricated concrete
32720708 Joists, concrete
32720709 Panels and sections, prefabricated concrete
32720710 Pier footings, prefabricated concrete
32720711 Piling, prefabricated concrete
32720712 Siding, precast stone
32720713 Stone, cast concrete
32720714 Wall and ceiling squares, concrete
327208 Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo
32720800 Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo
32720801 Grave markers, concrete
32720802 Monuments, concrete
327299 Concrete products, nec, nec
32729901 Art marble, concrete
32729902 Dry mixture concrete
32729903 Paving materials, prefabricated concrete
32729904 Prestressed concrete products
3273 Ready-mixed Concrete
327300 Ready-mixed concrete
32730000 Ready-mixed concrete
3274 Lime
327400 Lime
32740000 Lime
327401 Building lime
32740100 Building lime
32740101 Lime plaster
32740102 Masons' lime
327499 Lime, nec
32749901 Agricultural lime
32749902 Dolomitic lime, dead-burned dolomite
32749903 Hydrated lime
32749904 Quicklime
3275 Gypsum Products
327500 Gypsum products
32750000 Gypsum products
327501 Gypsum board
32750100 Gypsum board
32750101 Building board, gypsum
32750102 Plaster and plasterboard, gypsum
32750103 Wallboard, gypsum
327502 Gypsum plaster
32750200 Gypsum plaster
32750201 Acoustical plaster, gypsum
32750202 Insulating plaster, gypsum
32750204 Plaster of paris
327599 Gypsum products, nec
32759901 Agricultural gypsum
32759902 Cement, Keene's
3281 Cut Stone and Stone Products
328100 Cut stone and stone products
32810000 Cut stone and stone products
328101 Furniture, cut stone
32810100 Furniture, cut stone
32810101 Altars, cut stone
32810102 Benches, cut stone
32810103 Church furniture, cut stone
32810104 Table tops, marble
328102 Household articles, except furniture: cut stone
32810200 Household articles, except furniture: cut stone
32810201 Bathroom fixtures, cut stone
32810202 Desk set bases, onyx
32810204 Urns, cut stone
32810205 Vases, cut stone
328103 Building stone products
32810300 Building stone products
32810301 Dimension stone for buildings
32810302 Marble, building: cut and shaped
328104 Slate products
32810400 Slate products
32810401 Blackboards, slate
32810402 Switchboard panels, slate
328105 Monument or burial stone, cut and shaped
32810500 Monument or burial stone, cut and shaped
32810501 Burial vaults, stone
32810502 Monuments, cut stone (not finishing or lettering only)
32810503 Pedestals, marble
32810504 Statuary, marble
32810505 Tombstones, cut stone (not finishing or lettering only)
328106 Curbing, paving, and walkway stone
32810600 Curbing, paving, and walkway stone
32810601 Curbing, granite or stone
32810602 Flagstones
32810603 Paving blocks, cut stone
328199 Cut stone and stone products, nec
32819901 Granite, cut and shaped
32819902 Limestone, cut and shaped
32819903 Stone, quarrying and processing of own stone products
3291 Abrasive Products
329100 Abrasive products
32910000 Abrasive products
329101 Scouring abrasive materials
32910100 Scouring abrasive materials
32910101 Pads, scouring: soap impregnated
32910102 Sponges, scouring: metallic
329102 Abrasive stones, except grinding stones: ground or whole
32910200 Abrasive stones, except grinding stones: ground or whole
32910201 Bort, crushing
32910202 Hones
32910203 Pumice and pumicite abrasive
32910204 Stones, abrasive
32910205 Tripoli
329103 Abrasive metal and steel products
32910300 Abrasive metal and steel products
32910301 Aluminous abrasive
32910302 Aluminum oxide (fused) abrasives
32910303 Grit, steel
32910304 Steel shot abrasive
32910305 Steel wool
329104 Abrasive wheels and grindstones, not artificial
32910400 Abrasive wheels and grindstones, not artificial
32910401 Buffing or polishing wheels, abrasive or nonabrasive
32910402 Polishing wheels
32910403 Wheels, abrasive
329105 Synthetic abrasives
32910500 Synthetic abrasives
32910501 Boron carbide abrasives
32910502 Brick abrasives
32910503 Corundum abrasives
32910504 Grinding balls, ceramic
32910505 Metallic abrasive
32910506 Rouge, polishing: abrasive
32910507 Silicon carbide abrasive
32910508 Tungsten carbide abrasive
329106 Coated abrasive products
32910600 Coated abrasive products
32910601 Cloth, abrasive: garnet, emery, aluminum oxide coated
32910602 Paper, abrasive: garnet, emery, aluminum oxide coated
32910603 Sandpaper
329107 Artificial abrasives
32910700 Artificial abrasives
32910701 Grindstones, artificial
32910702 Oilstones, artificial
32910703 Rubbing stones, artificial
32910705 Wheels, grinding: artificial
32910706 Whetstones, artificial
329108 Abrasive grains
32910800 Abrasive grains
32910801 Diamond powder
329199 Abrasive products, nec
32919901 Abrasive buffs, bricks, cloth, paper, stones, etc.
32919902 Sticks, abrasive
3292 Asbestos Products
329200 Asbestos products
32920000 Asbestos products
329201 Asbestos textiles, except insulating material
32920100 Asbestos textiles, except insulating material
32920104 Mattresses, asbestos
32920105 Table pads and padding, asbestos
329202 Asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper
32920200 Asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper
32920202 Roofing, asbestos felt roll
32920203 Sheet, asbestos cement: flat or corrugated
32920204 Shingles, asbestos cement
329203 Asbestos insulating materials
32920300 Asbestos insulating materials
32920301 Blankets, insulating for aircraft asbestos
32920302 Boiler covering (heat insulating material), except felt
32920303 Insulation, molded asbestos
32920304 Pipe covering (heat insulating material), except felt
329204 Asbestos friction materials
32920400 Asbestos friction materials
32920401 Brake linings, asbestos
32920402 Clutch facings, asbestos
329205 Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement
32920500 Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement
32920502 Ducts, asbestos cement
329206 Twisted asbestos fiber products
32920603 Rope, asbestos
32920605 Wick, asbestos
329207 Asbestos tile products
32920701 Floor tile, asphalt
32920702 Tile, vinyl asbestos
3295 Minerals, Ground or Treated
329500 Minerals, ground or treated
32950000 Minerals, ground or treated
329501 Minerals, ground or otherwise treated
32950100 Minerals, ground or otherwise treated
32950101 Barite, ground or otherwise treated
32950102 Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated
32950103 Flint, ground or otherwise treated
32950104 Magnesite, crude: ground, calcined, or dead-burned
32950105 Mica, ground or otherwise treated
32950106 Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated
32950108 Steatite, ground or otherwise treated
32950109 Talc, ground or otherwise treated
329502 Earths, ground or otherwise treated
32950200 Earths, ground or otherwise treated
32950201 Barium, ground or otherwise treated
32950202 Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processed
32950203 Clay, ground or otherwise treated
32950204 Desiccants, clay: activated
32950205 Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treated
32950206 Filtering clays, treated
32950207 Fuller's earth, ground or otherwise treated
32950208 Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blended
32950209 Kaolin, ground or otherwise treated
32950210 Cat box filler
32950211 Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blended
32950212 Perlite, aggregate or expanded
32950213 Plumbago: ground, refined, or blended
32950214 Pulverized earth
32950216 Shale, expanded
32950217 Silicon, ultra high purity: treated
32950218 Vermiculite, exfoliated
329599 Minerals, ground or treated, nec
32959901 Blast furnace slag
32959902 Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated
32959903 Roofing granules
32959904 Slag, crushed or ground
3296 Mineral Wool
329600 Mineral wool
32960000 Mineral wool
329601 Mineral wool insulation products
32960100 Mineral wool insulation products
32960101 Fiberglass insulation
32960102 Insulation: rock wool, slag, and silica minerals
329699 Mineral wool, nec
32969901 Acoustical board and tile, mineral wool
32969902 Glass wool
32969903 Roofing mats, mineral wool
3297 Nonclay Refractories
329700 Nonclay refractories
32970000 Nonclay refractories
329701 Brick refractories
32970100 Brick refractories
32970101 Brick, bauxite
32970102 Brick, carbon
329702 Cement refractories
32970200 Cement refractories
32970201 Cement refractories, nonclay
32970202 Cement, magnesia
32970203 Cement: high temperature, refractory (nonclay)
329703 Heat resistant mixtures
32970300 Heat resistant mixtures
32970301 Dolomite or dolomite-magnesite brick and shapes
32970302 Gunning mixes, nonclay
32970303 High temperature mortar, nonclay
32970304 Pyrolytic graphite
32970305 Ramming mixes, nonclay
329799 Nonclay refractories, nec
32979901 Alumina fused refractories
32979902 Castable refractories, nonclay
32979903 Crucibles: graphite, magnesite, chrome, silica,other nonclay
32979904 Graphite refractories: carbon bond or ceramic bond
32979905 Hot top refractories, nonclay
3299 Nonmetallic Mineral Products,
329900 Nonmetallic mineral products,
32990000 Nonmetallic mineral products,
329901 Mica products
32990100 Mica products
32990101 Built-up mica
32990102 Mica products, built-up or sheet
32990103 Mica, laminated
32990104 Mica, splitting
329902 Sand lime products
32990200 Sand lime products
32990201 Blocks and brick, sand lime
32990202 Tile, sand lime
329903 Ornamental and architectural plaster work
32990300 Ornamental and architectural plaster work
32990301 Architectural sculptures: gypsum, clay, papier mache, etc.
32990302 Brackets, architectural: plaster
32990303 Columns, papier mache or plaster of paris
32990304 Moldings, architectural: plaster of paris
32990305 Panels, papier mache or plaster of paris
32990306 Stucco
329904 Nonmetallic mineral statuary and other decorative products
32990400 Nonmetallic mineral statuary and other decorative products
32990401 Art goods: plaster of paris, papier mache, and scagliola
32990402 Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier mache
32990403 Flower boxes, plaster of paris
32990404 Fountains, plaster of paris
32990405 Images, small: gypsum, clay, or papier mache
32990406 Pedestals, statuary: papier mache or plaster of paris
32990407 Plaques: clay, plaster, or papier mache
32990408 Statuary: gypsum, clay, papier mache, metal, etc.
32990409 Vases and urns, gypsum and papier mache
329999 Nonmetallic mineral products, nec, nec
32999901 Ceramic fiber
32999902 Floor composition, magnesite
32999903 Gravel painting
32999904 Insulsleeves (foundry materials)
32999905 Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use
32999906 Tubing for electrical purposes, quartz

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )