SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
36 Electronic, Elctrcl Eqpmnt & Cmpnts, Excpt Computer Eqpmnt
3612 Power, Distribution and Specialty Transformers
361200 Power, distribution and specialty transformers
36120000 Power, distribution and specialty transformers
361201 Power and distribution transformers
36120100 Power and distribution transformers
36120101 Autotransformers, electric (power transformers)
36120102 Control transformers
36120103 Current limiting reactors, electrical
36120104 Distribution transformers, electric
36120105 Feeder voltage boosters (electric transformers)
36120106 Feeder voltage regulators (electric transformers)
36120107 Generator voltage regulators
36120108 Line voltage regulators
36120109 Power transformers, electric
36120110 Transmission and distribution voltage regulators
36120111 Voltage regulating transformers, electric power
36120112 Voltage regulators, transmission and distribution
361202 Lamp ballasts
36120200 Lamp ballasts
36120201 Ballasts for lighting fixtures
36120202 Fluorescent ballasts
361203 Specialty transformers
36120300 Specialty transformers
36120301 Airport lighting transformers
36120302 Autotransformers for switchboards (exc. tele. switchboards)
36120303 Doorbell transformers, electric
36120304 Electric furnace transformers
36120305 Electronic meter transformers
36120306 Fluorescent lighting transformers
36120307 Ignition transformers, for use on domestic fuel burners
36120308 Lighting transformers, fluorescent
36120309 Lighting transformers, street and airport
36120310 Luminous tube transformers
36120311 Machine tool transformers
36120313 Reactor transformers
36120314 Rectifier transformers
36120315 Signaling transformers, electric
36120316 Toy transformers
36120317 Tripping transformers
361299 Power, distribution and specialty transformers, nec
36129901 Instrument transformers (except portable)
36129902 Saturable reactors
36129903 Vibrators, interrupter
3613 Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus
361300 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
36130000 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
361301 Power circuit breakers
36130100 Power circuit breakers
36130101 Circuit breakers, air
36130102 Knife switches, electric
36130103 Switches, electric power except snap, push button, etc.
36130104 Time switches, electrical switchgear apparatus
361302 Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus
36130200 Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus
36130201 Control panels, electric
36130202 Cubicles (electric switchboard equipment)
36130203 Distribution boards, electric
36130204 Distribution cutouts
36130205 Generator control and metering panels
36130206 Metering panels, electric
36130207 Panelboards and distribution boards, electric
36130208 Power connectors, electric
36130209 Power switching equipment
36130210 Regulators, power
36130211 Switchboard apparatus, except instruments
36130212 Switchboards and parts, power
36130213 Switchgear and switchgear accessories, nec
361303 Fuses and fuse equipment
36130300 Fuses and fuse equipment
36130301 Fuse clips and blocks, electric
36130302 Fuse devices, power
36130303 Fuse mountings, electric power
36130304 Fuses, electric
361399 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus, nec
36139901 Bus bar structures
3621 Motors and Generators
362100 Motors and generators
36210000 Motors and generators
362101 Electric motor and generator parts
36210100 Electric motor and generator parts
36210101 Armatures, industrial
36210102 Coils, for electric motors or generators
36210103 Collector rings, for electric motors or generators
36210104 Commutators, electric motor
36210105 Frequency converters (electric generators)
36210106 Motor generator sets
36210107 Motor housings
36210108 Motors, electric
36210109 Phase or rotary converters (electrical equipment)
36210110 Power generators
36210111 Rotary converters (electrical equipment)
36210113 Rotors, for motors
36210114 Sliprings, for motors or generators
36210115 Starters, for motors
36210116 Storage battery chargers, motor and engine generator type
362102 Electric motor and generator auxillary parts
36210200 Electric motor and generator auxillary parts
36210201 Condensers, synchronous: electric
36210202 Dynamos, electric (except automotive)
36210204 Exciter assemblies (motor or generator parts)
36210205 Inverters, rotating: electrical
36210206 Resolvers
36210207 Synchronous condensers, electric
36210208 Synchros
362103 Control equipment for electric buses and locomotives
36210300 Control equipment for electric buses and locomotives
36210301 Control equipment for buses or trucks, electric
36210302 Railway motors and control equipment, electric
36210303 Starting equipment, street cars
362199 Motors and generators, nec
36219901 Generating apparatus and parts, electrical
36219902 Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, or dual-fuel
36219903 Generators and sets, electric
36219904 Generators for gas-electric or oil-electric vehicles
36219905 Generators for storage battery chargers
36219906 Servomotors, electric
36219907 Timing motors, synchronous, electric
36219908 Torque motors, electric
36219909 Windmills, electric generating
3624 Carbon and Graphite Products
362400 Carbon and graphite products
36240000 Carbon and graphite products
362499 Carbon and graphite products, nec
36249901 Brush blocks, carbon or molded graphite
36249902 Brushes and brush stock contacts, electric
36249903 Carbon specialties for electrical use
36249904 Electric carbons
36249905 Electrodes, thermal and electrolytic uses: carbon, graphite
36249906 Fibers, carbon and graphite
3625 Relays and Industrial Controls
362500 Relays and industrial controls
36250000 Relays and industrial controls
362501 Motor controls and accessories
36250100 Motor controls and accessories
36250101 Motor control accessories, including overload relays
36250102 Motor control centers
36250103 Motor controls, electric
36250104 Motor starters and controllers, electric
36250105 Starter, electric motor
362502 Industrial electrical relays and switches
36250200 Industrial electrical relays and switches
36250201 Armature relays
36250202 Control circuit relays, industrial
36250203 Flow actuated electrical switches
36250204 Relays, electric power
36250205 Relays, for electronic use
36250206 Solenoid switches (industrial controls)
36250207 Switches, electric power
36250208 Switches, electronic applications
36250209 Vacuum relays
362599 Relays and industrial controls, nec
36259901 Actuators, industrial
36259902 Brakes, electromagnetic
36259903 Control circuit devices, magnet and solid state
36259904 Control equipment, electric
36259905 Controls for adjustable speed drives
36259906 Crane and hoist controls, including metal mill
36259907 Electric controls and control accessories, industrial
36259908 Electromagnetic clutches or brakes
36259909 Industrial controls: push button, selector switches, pilot
36259910 Marine and navy auxiliary controls
36259911 Noise control equipment
36259912 Numerical controls
36259913 Positioning controls, electric
36259914 Resistance welder controls
36259915 Resistors and resistor units
36259916 Rheostats
36259917 Timing devices, electronic
36259918 Truck controls, industrial battery
3629 Electrical Industrial Apparatus
362900 Electrical industrial apparatus, nec
36290000 Electrical industrial apparatus, nec
362901 Electronic generation equipment
36290100 Electronic generation equipment
36290101 Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotating
36290102 Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)
36290103 Inverters, nonrotating: electrical
36290104 Mercury arc rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
36290105 Power conversion units, a.c. to d.c.: static-electric
36290106 Rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
36290107 Thermo-electric generators
362902 Capacitors and condensers
36290200 Capacitors and condensers
36290201 Capacitors, a.c., for motors or fluorescent lamp ballasts
36290202 Capacitors, fixed or variable
36290203 Condensers, fixed or variable
36290204 Condensers, for motors or generators
36290205 Series capacitors
362999 Electrical industrial apparatus, nec, nec
36299901 Blasting machines, electrical
36299902 Current collector wheels, for trolley rigging
36299903 Static elimination equipment, industrial
3631 Household Cooking Equipment
363100 Household cooking equipment
36310000 Household cooking equipment
363101 Indoor cooking equipment
36310100 Indoor cooking equipment
36310101 Convection ovens, including portable: household
36310102 Electric ranges, domestic
36310103 Gas ranges, domestic
36310104 Microwave ovens, including portable: household
36310105 Stoves, disk
363199 Household cooking equipment, nec
36319901 Barbecues, grills, and braziers (outdoor cooking)
3632 Household Refrigerators and Freezers
363200 Household refrigerators and freezers
36320000 Household refrigerators and freezers
363299 Household refrigerators and freezers, nec
36329901 Freezers, home and farm
36329902 Ice boxes, household: metal or wood
36329903 Refrigerator cabinets, household: metal and wood
36329904 Refrigerators, mechanical and absorption: household
3633 Household Laundry Equipment
363300 Household laundry equipment
36330000 Household laundry equipment
363301 Household laundry machines, including coin-operated
36330100 Household laundry machines, including coin-operated
36330101 Drycleaning machines, household: including coin-operated
36330102 Laundry dryers, household or coin-operated
36330103 Washing machines, household: including coin-operated
363399 Household laundry equipment, nec
36339901 Ironers and mangles, household
3634 Electric Housewares and Fans
363400 Electric housewares and fans
36340000 Electric housewares and fans
363401 Electric household cooking appliances
36340100 Electric household cooking appliances
36340101 Broilers, electric
36340103 Chafing dishes, electric
36340104 Coffee makers, electric: household
36340105 Crock pots, electric
36340106 Egg cookers, electric
36340107 Fryers, electric: household
36340108 Griddles or grills, electric: household
36340109 Heaters, tape
36340110 Heating units, for electric appliances
36340111 Hot plates, electric
36340112 Ovens, portable: household
36340114 Popcorn poppers, electric: household
36340115 Roasters, electric
36340116 Sandwich toasters and grills, electric: household
36340117 Teakettles, electric
36340118 Toasters, electric: household
36340119 Urns, electric: household
36340120 Waffle irons, electric
363402 Electric household cooking utensils
36340200 Electric household cooking utensils
36340201 Bottle warmers, electric: household
36340202 Can openers, electric
36340203 Food mixers, electric: household
36340204 Ice crushers, electric
36340205 Immersion heaters, electric: household
36340206 Juice extractors, electric
363403 Electric household fans, heaters, and humidifiers
36340300 Electric household fans, heaters, and humidifiers
36340301 Blowers, portable, electric
36340302 Ceiling fans
36340303 Dehumidifiers, electric: room
36340304 Fans, electric: desk
36340305 Fans, electric: floor
36340306 Fans, electric: hassock
36340307 Fans, exhaust and ventilating, electric: household
36340308 Fans, propeller (window type): household
36340309 Heaters, tape
36340310 Heating units, electric (radiant heat): baseboard or wall
36340311 Humidifiers, electric: household
36340312 Radiators, electric
36340313 Sauna heaters, electric
36340314 Space heaters, electric
36340315 Wall heaters, electric: household
363404 Housewares, excluding cooking appliances and utensils
36340400 Housewares, excluding cooking appliances and utensils
36340401 Air purifiers, portable
36340402 Bedcoverings, electric
36340403 Blankets, electric
36340404 Blenders, electric
36340405 Irons, electric: household
36340406 Vaporizers, electric: household
36340407 Water pulsating devices, electric
363405 Personal electrical appliances
36340500 Personal electrical appliances
36340502 Cigarette lighters, electric
36340503 Curling irons, electric
36340504 Dryers, electric: hand and face
36340505 Hair curlers, electric
36340506 Hair dryers, electric
36340507 Heating pads, electric
36340508 Massage machines, electric, except for beauty/barber shops
36340509 Razors, electric
36340510 Scissors, electric
36340511 Shoe polishers, electric
36340512 Toothbrushes, electric
3635 Household Vacuum Cleaners
363500 Household vacuum cleaners
36350000 Household vacuum cleaners
363599 Household vacuum cleaners, nec
36359901 Carpet shampooer
36359903 Electric sweeper
3639 Household Appliances, Nec
363900 Household appliances, nec
36390000 Household appliances, nec
363901 Major kitchen appliances, except refrigerators and stoves
36390100 Major kitchen appliances, except refrigerators and stoves
36390101 Dishwashing machines, household
36390102 Garbage disposal units, household
36390103 Trash compactors, household
363902 Sewing equipment
36390200 Sewing equipment
36390201 Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, domestic
36390202 Sewing machines and attachments, domestic
363999 Household appliances, nec, nec
36399901 Floor waxers and polishers, electric: household
36399902 Hot water heaters, household
3641 Electric Lamps
364100 Electric lamps
36410000 Electric lamps
364101 Electric lamps and parts for generalized applications
36410100 Electric lamps and parts for generalized applications
36410101 Electric lamp (bulb) parts
36410102 Electric light bulbs, complete
36410103 Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp
36410104 Filaments, for electric lamps
36410105 Glow lamp bulbs
36410106 Lamps, fluorescent, electric
36410107 Lamps, incandescent filament, electric
36410108 Lead-in wires, electric lamp made from purchased wire
36410110 Tubes, electric light
364102 Electric lamps and parts for specialized applications
36410200 Electric lamps and parts for specialized applications
36410201 Electrotherapeutic lamp units
36410202 Flashlight bulbs, photographic
36410203 Health lamps, infrared or ultraviolet
36410204 Infrared lamps bulbs
36410205 Lamps, insect: electric
36410206 Lamps, sealed beam
36410207 Lamps, vapor
36410208 Photoflash and photoflood lamps
36410211 Ultraviolet lamps
36410212 Sealed low-pressure gas lights
3643 Current-carrying Wiring Devices
364300 Current-carrying wiring devices
36430000 Current-carrying wiring devices
364301 Power outlets and sockets
36430100 Power outlets and sockets
36430101 Current taps, attachment plug and screw shell types
36430102 Dial light sockets, radio
36430103 Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)
36430104 Outlets, electric: convenience
36430105 Sockets, electric
364302 Electric switches
36430200 Electric switches
36430201 Bus bars (electrical conductors)
36430202 Cutouts, switch and fuse
36430203 Starting switches, fluorescent
364303 Electric connectors
36430300 Electric connectors
36430301 Caps and plugs, electric: attachment
36430302 Connectors and terminals for electrical devices
36430303 Contacts, electrical
36430304 Cord connectors, electric
36430305 Plugs, electric
36430306 Solderless connectors (electric wiring devices)
364399 Current-carrying wiring devices, nec
36439901 Fluorescent starters
36439902 Ground clamps (electric wiring devices)
36439903 Lightning arrestors and coils
36439904 Lightning protection equipment
36439905 Rail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits
36439907 Power line cable
3644 Noncurrent-carrying Wiring Devices
364400 Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices
36440000 Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices
364401 Electric outlet, switch, and fuse boxes
36440100 Electric outlet, switch, and fuse boxes
36440101 Fuse boxes, electric
36440102 Junction boxes, electric
36440103 Outlet boxes (electric wiring devices)
36440104 Switch boxes, electric
364402 Electric conduits and fittings
36440200 Electric conduits and fittings
36440201 Face plates (wiring devices)
36440202 Raceways
36440203 Terminal boards
364499 Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices, nec
36449901 Fish wire (electrical wiring tool)
36449902 Insulators and insulation materials, electrical
36449903 Pole line hardware
36449904 Scrubbers for CATV systems
3645 Residential Lighting Fixtures
364500 Residential lighting fixtures
36450000 Residential lighting fixtures
364501 Lamp and light shades
36450100 Lamp and light shades
36450101 Lamp shades, metal
36450102 Light shades, metal
364599 Residential lighting fixtures, nec
36459901 Boudoir lamps
36459902 Chandeliers, residential
36459903 Desk lamps
36459904 Floor lamps
36459905 Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residential
36459906 Garden, patio, walkway and yard lighting fixtures: electric
36459907 Table lamps
36459908 Wall lamps
3646 Commercial Lighting Fixtures
364600 Commercial lighting fixtures
36460000 Commercial lighting fixtures
364699 Commercial lighting fixtures, nec
36469901 Ceiling systems, luminous
36469902 Chandeliers, commercial
36469903 Desk lamps, commercial
36469904 Fluorescent lighting fixtures, commercial
36469905 Ornamental lighting fixtures, commercial
3647 Vehicular Lighting Equipment
364700 Vehicular lighting equipment
36470000 Vehicular lighting equipment
364701 Motor vehicle lighting equipment
36470100 Motor vehicle lighting equipment
36470101 Automotive lighting fixtures, nec
36470102 Clearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicle
36470103 Dome lights, automotive
36470104 Flasher lights, automotive
36470105 Headlights (fixtures), vehicular
36470106 Marker lamps, motor vehicle
36470107 Parking lights, automotive
36470109 Taillights, motor vehicle
364799 Vehicular lighting equipment, nec
36479901 Aircraft lighting fixtures
36479902 Bicycle lamps
36479903 Boat and ship lighting fixtures
36479904 Fog lights
36479905 Locomotive and railroad car lights
36479906 Motorcycle lamps
36479907 Streetcar lighting fixtures
36479908 Subway car lighting fixtures
3648 Lighting Equipment, Nec
364800 Lighting equipment, nec
36480000 Lighting equipment, nec
364801 Outdoor lighting equipment
36480100 Outdoor lighting equipment
36480101 Airport lighting fixtures: runway approach, taxi, or ramp
36480102 Area and sports luminaries
36480103 Decorative area lighting fixtures
36480104 Floodlights
36480105 Fountain lighting fixtures
36480106 Gas lighting fixtures
36480107 Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, or gasoline
36480108 Public lighting fixtures
36480109 Searchlights
36480110 Street lighting fixtures
364802 Stage lighting equipment
36480200 Stage lighting equipment
36480201 Spotlights
36480202 Strobe lighting systems
364899 Lighting equipment, nec, nec
36489901 Arc lighting fixtures
36489902 Flashlights
36489903 Infrared lamp fixtures
36489904 Lighting fixtures, except electric: residential
36489905 Miners' lamps
36489906 Reflectors, for lighting equipment: metal
36489907 Sun tanning equipment, incl. tanning beds
36489908 Swimming pool lighting fixtures
36489909 Ultraviolet lamp fixtures
36489910 Underwater lighting fixtures
3651 Household Audio and Video Equipment
365100 Household audio and video equipment
36510000 Household audio and video equipment
365101 Household audio equipment
36510100 Household audio equipment
36510101 Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument
36510102 Audio electronic systems
36510105 Coin-operated phonographs, juke boxes
36510106 Compact disk players
36510107 FM and AM radio tuners
36510108 Loudspeakers, electrodynamic or magnetic
36510109 Microphones
36510110 Music distribution apparatus
36510111 Phonograph and radio combinations
36510112 Phonograph turntables
36510113 Phonographs
36510114 Pillows, stereo
36510115 Public address systems
36510116 Radio receiving sets
36510117 Recording machines, except dictation and telephone answering
36510118 Sound reproducing equipment
36510119 Speaker monitors
36510120 Speaker systems
36510121 Tape players, household use
36510122 Tape recorders: cassette, cartridge or reel: household use
365102 Household video equipment
36510200 Household video equipment
36510201 Television receiving sets
36510202 Video camera-audio recorders, household use
36510203 Video cassette recorders/players and accessories
36510204 Video triggers (remote control TV devices)
365199 Household audio and video equipment, nec
36519901 Electronic kits for home assembly: radio, TV, phonograph
36519902 Home entertainment equipment, electronic, nec
36519903 Pickup heads, phonograph
3652 Prerecorded Records and Tapes
365200 Prerecorded records and tapes
36520000 Prerecorded records and tapes
365299 Prerecorded records and tapes, nec
36529901 Compact laser discs, prerecorded
36529902 Magnetic tape (audio): prerecorded
36529903 Master records or tapes, preparation of
36529904 Phonograph record blanks
36529905 Phonograph records, prerecorded
3661 Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus
366100 Telephone and telegraph apparatus
36610000 Telephone and telegraph apparatus
366101 Telephones and telephone apparatus
36610100 Telephones and telephone apparatus
36610101 Autotransformers for telephone switchboards
36610102 Communication headgear, telephone
36610103 Facsimile equipment
36610104 Headsets, telephone
36610105 Modems
36610106 Switching equipment, telephone
36610107 Telephone answering machines
36610108 Telephone central office equipment, dial or manual
36610109 Telephone dialing devices, automatic
36610110 Telephone sets, all types except cellular radio
36610111 Telephone station equipment and parts, wire
36610112 Telephones, sound powered (no battery)
36610114 Toll switching equipment, telephone
366102 Telegraph and related apparatus
36610200 Telegraph and related apparatus
36610201 PBX equipment, manual or automatic
36610202 Telegraph office switching equipment
36610203 Telegraph or telephone carrier and repeater equipment
36610204 Telegraph station equipment and parts, wire
366199 Telephone and telegraph apparatus, nec
36619901 Carrier equipment, telephone or telegraph
36619902 Data sets, telephone or telegraph
36619903 Electronic secretary
36619904 Message concentrators
36619905 Multiplex equipment, telephone and telegraph
36619906 Switchboards, telephone or telegraph
36619907 Telephone cords, jacks, adapters, etc.
36619908 Fiber optics communications equipment
3663 Radio and T.v. Communications Equipment
366300 Radio and t.v. communications equipment
36630000 Radio and t.v. communications equipment
366301 Radio broadcasting and communications equipment
36630100 Radio broadcasting and communications equipment
36630101 Airborne radio communications equipment
36630102 Amplifiers, RF power and IF
36630103 Carrier equipment, radio communications
36630104 Cellular radio telephone
36630105 Citizens' band (CB) radio
36630106 Marine radio communications equipment
36630107 Multiplex equipment
36630108 Pagers (one-way)
36630109 Radio receiver networks
36630110 Receivers, radio communications
36630111 Transmitter-receivers, radio
366302 Television broadcasting and communications equipment
36630200 Television broadcasting and communications equipment
36630201 Cable television equipment
36630202 Cameras, television
36630203 Phototransmission equipment
36630204 Television antennas (transmitting) and ground equipment
36630205 Television closed circuit equipment
36630206 Television monitors
366399 Radio and t.v. communications equipment, nec
36639901 Antennas, transmitting and communications
36639902 Digital encoders
36639903 Encryption devices
36639904 Light communications equipment
36639905 Microwave communication equipment
36639906 Mobile communication equipment
36639907 Radio and television switching equipment
36639908 Receiver-transmitter units (transceiver)
36639909 Satellites, communications
36639910 Space satellite communications equipment
36639911 Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting
36639912 Telemetering equipment, electronic
36639913 Transmitting apparatus, radio or television
36639914 Global positioning systems (gps) equipment
3669 Communications Equipment, Nec
366900 Communications equipment, nec
36690000 Communications equipment, nec
366901 Emergency alarms
36690100 Emergency alarms
36690101 Burglar alarm apparatus, electric
36690102 Fire alarm apparatus, electric
36690103 Fire detection systems, electric
36690104 Metal detectors
36690105 Sirens, electric: vehicle, marine, industrial, and air raid
36690106 Smoke detectors
366902 Transportation signaling devices
36690200 Transportation signaling devices
36690201 Highway signals, electric
36690202 Marine horns, electric
36690203 Pedestrian traffic control equipment
36690204 Railroad signaling devices, electric
36690205 Signaling apparatus, electric
36690206 Traffic signals, electric
366999 Communications equipment, nec, nec
36699901 Intercommunication systems, electric
36699902 Visual communication systems
3671 Electron Tubes
367100 Electron tubes
36710000 Electron tubes
367101 Cathode ray tubes, including rebuilt
36710100 Cathode ray tubes, including rebuilt
36710101 Picture tube reprocessing
36710102 Television tubes
367102 Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes
36710200 Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes
36710201 Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubes
36710202 Electron tubes, industrial
36710203 Electron tubes, nsk
36710204 Electron tubes, receiving type
36710205 Electron tubes, special purpose
36710206 Electron tubes, transmitting
36710207 Electronic tube parts, except glass blanks
36710208 Gas or vapor tubes
36710211 Light sensing and emitting tubes
36710212 Magnetron tubes
36710213 Photomultiplier tubes
36710214 Planar triode tubes
36710215 Traveling wave tubes
36710216 Tubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum
36710217 Vacuum tubes
3672 Printed Circuit Boards
367200 Printed circuit boards
36720000 Printed circuit boards
367299 Printed circuit boards, nec
36729901 Circuit boards, television and radio printed
36729902 Wiring boards
3674 Semiconductors and Related Devices
367400 Semiconductors and related devices
36740000 Semiconductors and related devices
367401 Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers
36740100 Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers
36740101 Controlled rectifiers, solid state
36740102 Diodes, solid state (germanium, silicon, etc.)
36740103 Light emitting diodes
36740105 Rectifiers, solid state
36740107 Thrystors
36740110 Zener diodes
367402 Integrated circuits, semiconductor networks, etc.
36740200 Integrated circuits, semiconductor networks, etc.
36740201 Computer logic modules
36740202 Hybrid integrated circuits
36740203 Magnetic bubble memory device
36740204 Memories, solid state
36740205 Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devices
36740206 Microcircuits, integrated (semiconductor)
36740207 Microprocessors
36740208 Monolithic integrated circuits (solid state)
36740209 Random access memory (RAM)
36740210 Read-only memory (ROM)
36740211 Semiconductor circuit networks
36740212 Thin film circuits
36740213 Wafers (semiconductor devices)
367403 Light sensitive devices
36740300 Light sensitive devices
36740301 Light sensitive devices, solid state
36740302 Photoconductive cells
36740303 Photoelectric cells, solid state (electronic eye)
36740304 Photoelectric magnetic devices
36740305 Photovoltaic devices, solid state
36740306 Solar cells
367404 Radiation sensors
36740400 Radiation sensors
36740401 Infrared sensors, solid state
36740402 Ultra-violet sensors, solid state
367499 Semiconductors and related devices, nec
36749901 Fuel cells, solid state
36749902 Gunn effect devices
36749903 Hall effect devices
36749904 Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devices
36749905 Modules, solid state
36749906 Molecular devices, solid state
36749907 Nuclear detectors, solid state
36749908 Optical isolators
36749909 Silicon wafers, chemically doped
36749910 Solid state electronic devices, nec
36749911 Strain gages, solid state
36749912 Stud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices
36749913 Switches, silicon control
36749915 Thermoelectric devices, solid state
36749916 Transistors
3675 Electronic Capacitors
367500 Electronic capacitors
36750000 Electronic capacitors
367599 Electronic capacitors, nec
36759901 Condensers, electronic
3676 Electronic Resistors
367600 Electronic resistors
36760000 Electronic resistors
367699 Electronic resistors, nec
36769901 Resistor networks
36769902 Thermistors, except temperature sensors
36769903 Varistors
3677 Electronic Coils and Transformers
367700 Electronic coils and transformers
36770000 Electronic coils and transformers
367701 Electronic transformers
36770100 Electronic transformers
36770101 Constant impedance transformers
36770102 Coupling transformers
36770103 Flyback transformers
36770104 Transformers power supply, electronic type
367799 Electronic coils and transformers, nec
36779901 Baluns
36779902 Coil windings, electronic
36779903 Filtration devices, electronic
36779904 Inductors, electronic
3678 Electronic Connectors
367800 Electronic connectors
36780000 Electronic connectors
3679 Electronic Components, Nec
367900 Electronic components, nec
36790000 Electronic components, nec
367901 Electronic circuits
36790100 Electronic circuits
36790101 Attenuators
36790102 Commutators, electronic
36790103 Delay lines
36790104 Impedance conversion units, high frequency
36790105 Microwave components
36790106 Passive repeaters
36790107 Pulse forming networks
36790108 Rectifiers, electronic
36790109 Rheostats, for electronic end products
36790110 Solenoids for electronic applications
36790111 Transducers, electrical
36790112 Waveguides and fittings
367902 Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph
36790200 Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph
36790201 Phonograph needle cartridges
36790202 Phonograph needles
36790203 Recording and playback heads, magnetic
36790204 Recording heads, speech and musical equipment
367903 Electronic loads and power supplies
36790300 Electronic loads and power supplies
36790301 Loads, electronic
36790302 Oscillators
36790303 Power supplies, all types: static
36790304 Static power supply converters for electronic applications
367904 Electronic crystals
36790400 Electronic crystals
36790401 Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio
36790402 Piezoelectric crystals
36790403 Quartz crystals, for electronic application
367905 Electronic switches
36790500 Electronic switches
36790501 Step positioners, for transmitting equipment
36790502 Switches, stepping
36790503 Video triggers, except remote control TV devices
367999 Electronic components, nec, nec
36799901 Antennas, receiving
36799902 Antennas, satellite: household use
36799903 Cores, magnetic
36799904 Cryogenic cooling devices for infrared detectors, masers
36799905 Harness assemblies, for electronic use: wire or cable
36799906 Headphones, radio
36799907 Hermetic seals, for electronic equipment
36799908 Liquid crystal displays (LCD)
36799909 Parametric amplifiers
36799910 Resonant reed devices, electronic
36799911 Sockets, electronic tube
36799912 Tube retainers, electronic
36799913 Tube spacers, mica
36799914 Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes
36799915 Voice controls
3691 Storage Batteries
369100 Storage batteries
36910000 Storage batteries
369199 Storage batteries, nec
36919901 Alkaline cell storage batteries
36919902 Batteries, rechargeable
36919903 Lead acid batteries (storage batteries)
36919904 Nickel cadmium storage batteries
3692 Primary Batteries, Dry and Wet
369200 Primary batteries, dry and wet
36920000 Primary batteries, dry and wet
369299 Primary batteries, dry and wet, nec
36929901 Dry cell batteries, single or multiple cell
3694 Engine Electrical Equipment
369400 Engine electrical equipment
36940000 Engine electrical equipment
369401 Battery charging alternators and generators
36940100 Battery charging alternators and generators
36940101 Alternators, automotive
36940102 Battery charging generators, automobile and aircraft
36940103 Generators, automotive and aircraft
36940104 Motor generator sets, automotive
36940105 Voltage regulators, automotive
369402 Ignition apparatus and distributors
36940200 Ignition apparatus and distributors
36940201 Distributors, motor vehicle engine
36940202 Harness wiring sets, internal combustion engines
36940203 Ignition apparatus, internal combustion engines
36940204 Ignition coils, automotive
36940205 Ignition systems, high frequency
36940206 Motors, starting: automotive and aircraft
36940207 Spark plugs, for internal combustion engines
369499 Engine electrical equipment, nec
36949901 Armatures, automotive
36949902 Automotive electrical equipment, nec
36949903 Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion engines
36949904 Breaker point sets, internal combustion engine
3695 Magnetic and Optical Recording Media
369500 Magnetic and optical recording media
36950000 Magnetic and optical recording media
369501 Magnetic disks and drums
36950100 Magnetic disks and drums
36950101 Computer software tape and disks: blank, rigid, and floppy
36950102 Drums, magnetic
369502 Magnetic tape
36950200 Magnetic tape
36950201 Audio range tape, blank
36950202 Instrumentation type tape, blank
36950203 Video recording tape, blank
369599 Magnetic and optical recording media, nec
36959901 Optical disks and tape, blank
3699 Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Nec
369900 Electrical equipment and supplies, nec
36990000 Electrical equipment and supplies, nec
369901 High-energy particle physics equipment
36990100 High-energy particle physics equipment
36990101 Accelerating waveguide structures
36990102 Atom smasher (particle accelerators)
36990103 Betatrons
36990104 Cyclotrons
36990106 Electron linear accelerators
36990107 Electrostatic particle accelerators
36990108 Linear accelerators
36990109 Particle accelerators, high voltage
36990110 Pulsed electron guns
369902 Electrical welding equipment
36990200 Electrical welding equipment
36990201 Electron beam metal cutting, forming or welding machines
36990202 Laser welding, drilling, and cutting equipment
36990203 Welding machines and equipment, ultrasonic
369903 Electronic training devices
36990300 Electronic training devices
36990301 Countermeasure simulators, electric
36990302 Flight simulators (training aids), electronic
36990303 Teaching machines and aids, electronic
36990304 Automotive driving simulators (training aids), electronic
369904 Electric sound equipment
36990400 Electric sound equipment
36990401 Bells, electric
36990402 Chimes, electric
36990403 Gongs, electric
36990404 Sound signaling devices, electrical
36990405 Underwater sound equipment
369905 Security devices
36990500 Security devices
36990501 Electric fence chargers
36990502 Security control equipment and systems
369906 Household electrical equipment
36990600 Household electrical equipment
36990601 Appliance cords, for household electrical equipment
36990602 Christmas tree lighting sets, electric
36990603 Christmas tree ornaments, electric
36990604 Door opening and closing devices, electrical
36990605 Extension cords
36990606 Fireplace logs, electric
36990607 Fly traps, electrical
36990608 Insect lamps, electric
369999 Electrical equipment and supplies, nec, nec
36999901 Cleaning equipment, ultrasonic, except medical and dental
36999902 Fire control or bombing equipment, electronic
36999903 Generators, ultrasonic
36999904 Grids, electric
36999905 Heat emission operating apparatus
36999906 Laser systems and equipment
36999907 Lead-in wires, electric lamp
36999908 Maser equipment
36999909 Outboard motors, electric
36999910 Photographic control systems, electronic
36999911 Pulse amplifiers
36999912 Trouble lights
36999913 Waveguide pressurization equipment

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )