SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
38 Mesr/Anlyz/Cntrl Instrmnts; Photo/Med/Opt Gds; Watchs/Clocks
3812 Search and Navigation Equipment
381200 Search and navigation equipment
38120000 Search and navigation equipment
381201 Aircraft/aerospace flight instruments and guidance systems
38120100 Aircraft/aerospace flight instruments and guidance systems
38120101 Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace
38120102 Aircraft flight instruments
38120103 Airspeed instrumentation (aeronautical instruments)
38120104 Altimeters, standard and sensitive
38120107 Artificial horizon instrumentation
38120108 Bank and turn indicators and components
38120109 Driftmeters, aeronautical
38120110 Electronic detection systems (aeronautical)
38120111 Flight recorders
38120112 Glide slope indicators
38120113 Gyro gimbals
38120114 Gyrocompasses
38120115 Gyropilots
38120116 Gyroscopes
38120117 Heads-up display systems (HUD), aeronautical
38120118 Horizon flight indicators
38120119 Inertial guidance systems
38120120 Infrared object detection equipment
38120121 Instrument landing systems (ILS), airborne or ground
38120123 Omnibearing indicators
38120124 Position indicators for aircraft equipment
38120125 Rate-of-climb instrumentation
381202 Aircraft control instruments
38120200 Aircraft control instruments
38120201 Aircraft control systems, electronic
38120202 Automatic pilots, aircraft
381203 Navigational systems and instruments
38120300 Navigational systems and instruments
38120301 Antennas, radar or communications
38120302 Binnacles (compass housings)
38120303 Compasses and accessories
38120304 Control receivers
38120305 Degaussing equipment
38120306 Radar systems and equipment
38120307 Sonar systems and equipment
38120308 Space vehicle guidance systems and equipment
381204 Nautical instruments
38120400 Nautical instruments
38120401 Fathometers
38120402 Hydrophones
38120403 Sextants
38120404 Taffrail logs
381205 Defense systems and equipment
38120500 Defense systems and equipment
38120501 Missile guidance systems and equipment
38120502 Warfare counter-measure equipment
381206 Search and detection systems and instruments
38120600 Search and detection systems and instruments
38120601 Air traffic control systems and equipment, electronic
38120602 Detection apparatus: electronic/magnetic field, light/heat
38120603 Electronic field detection apparatus (aeronautical)
38120604 Magnetic field detection apparatus
381299 Search and navigation equipment, nec
38129901 Cabin environment indicators
38129902 Distance measuring equipment
38129903 Light or heat emission operating apparatus
38129904 Pictorial deviation indicators
38129905 Radio magnetic instrumentation
3821 Laboratory Apparatus and Furniture
382100 Laboratory apparatus and furniture
38210000 Laboratory apparatus and furniture
382101 Laboratory apparatus, except heating and measuring
38210100 Laboratory apparatus, except heating and measuring
38210101 Autoclaves, laboratory
38210102 Centrifuges, laboratory
38210103 Chemical laboratory apparatus, nec
38210104 Clinical laboratory instruments, except medical and dental
38210105 Crushing and grinding apparatus, laboratory
38210106 Distilling apparatus, laboratory type
38210107 Evaporation apparatus, laboratory type
38210108 Freezers, laboratory
38210109 Generators, magnetic idealization
38210110 Granulators, laboratory
38210111 Incubators, laboratory
38210112 Laboratory equipment: fume hoods, distillation racks, etc.
38210113 Laser beam alignment devices
38210114 Magnetic idealization generators
38210115 Micromanipulator
38210116 Microtomes
38210117 Particle size reduction apparatus, laboratory
38210118 Pellicle mirrors
38210119 Physics laboratory apparatus, nec
38210120 Pi tapes (metal periphery direct reading diameter tapes)
38210121 Pipettes, hemocytometer
38210122 Sample preparation apparatus
38210123 Shakers and stirrers
38210124 Sterilizers
38210125 Vacuum pumps, laboratory
382102 Laboratory furniture
38210200 Laboratory furniture
38210201 Worktables, laboratory
382103 Laboratory heating apparatus
38210300 Laboratory heating apparatus
38210301 Bunsen burners
38210302 Dryers, laboratory
38210303 Furnaces, laboratory
38210305 Melting point apparatus, laboratory
38210306 Ovens, laboratory
382104 Laboratory measuring apparatus
38210400 Laboratory measuring apparatus
38210401 Balances, laboratory
38210402 Calibration tapes, for physical testing machines
38210403 Calorimeters
38210404 Time interval measuring equipment, electric (lab type)
3822 Environmental Controls
382200 Environmental controls
38220000 Environmental controls
382201 Air conditioning and refrigeration controls
38220100 Air conditioning and refrigeration controls
38220101 Air flow controllers, air conditioning and refrigeration
38220102 Fan control, temperature responsive
38220103 Humidity controls, air-conditioning types
38220104 Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system type
38220105 Refrigeration controls (pressure)
38220106 Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls
38220107 Time program controls, air-conditioning systems
382202 Hardware for environmental regulators
38220200 Hardware for environmental regulators
38220201 Damper operators: pneumatic, thermostatic, electric
38220202 Gradual switches, pneumatic
38220203 Pneumatic relays, air-conditioning type
38220204 Switches, pneumatic positioning remote
38220205 Switches, thermostatic
38220206 Temperature controls, automatic
382203 Thermostats and other environmental sensors
38220300 Thermostats and other environmental sensors
38220301 Built-in thermostats, filled system and bimetal types
38220302 Humidistats: wall, duct, and skeleton
38220304 Temperature sensors for motor windings
38220305 Thermocouples, vacuum: glass
38220306 Thermostats, except built-in
382204 Hydronic controls
38220400 Hydronic controls
38220401 Hydronic circulator control, automatic
38220402 Hydronic limit control
38220403 Hydronic pressure or temperature controls
38220404 Liquid level controls, residential or commercial heating
382205 Electric heat controls
38220500 Electric heat controls
38220501 Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls
38220502 Line control for electric heat
382206 Appliance controls,except air-conditioning and refrigeration
38220600 Appliance controls,except air-conditioning and refrigeration
38220601 Appliance regulators
38220602 Clothes dryer controls
38220604 Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic
38220605 Oven temperature controls, non-industrial type
38220606 Surface burner controls, temperature
382299 Environmental controls, nec
38229901 Building services monitoring controls, automatic
38229902 Controls, combination limit and fan
38229903 Controls, combination oil and hydronic
38229904 Electric air cleaner controls, automatic
38229905 Energy cutoff controls, residential or commercial types
38229906 Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilers
38229907 Float controls, residential or commercial types
38229908 Gas burner, automatic controls
38229909 Ice bank controls
38229910 Ice maker controls
38229911 Incinerator control systems, residential and commercial type
38229912 Limit controls, residential and commercial heating types
38229914 Static pressure regulators
38229915 Steam pressure controls, residential or commercial type
38229916 Vapor heating controls
38229917 Water heater controls
3823 Process Control Instruments
382300 Process control instruments
38230000 Process control instruments
382301 Temperature measurement instruments, industrial
38230100 Temperature measurement instruments, industrial
38230101 Pyrometers, industrial process type
38230102 Resistance thermometers and bulbs, industrial process type
38230103 Temperature instruments: industrial process type
38230104 Thermistors, industrial process type
38230105 Thermocouples, industrial process type
38230106 Thermometers, filled system: industrial process type
382302 Pressure measurement instruments, industrial
38230200 Pressure measurement instruments, industrial
38230201 Differential pressure instruments, industrial process type
38230202 Manometers, industrial process type
38230203 Pressure gauges, dial and digital
382303 Industrial flow and liquid measuring instruments
38230300 Industrial flow and liquid measuring instruments
38230301 Flow instruments, industrial process type
38230302 Fluidic devices, circuits, and systems for process control
38230303 Gas flow computers, industrial process type
38230304 Level and bulk measuring instruments, industrial process
38230305 Liquid level instruments, industrial process type
38230306 Magnetic flow meters, industrial process type
38230307 Primary elements for process flow measurement
38230308 Turbidity instruments, industrial process type
38230309 Turbine flow meters, industrial process type
38230310 Viscosimeters, industrial process type
382304 Industrial process measurement equipment
38230400 Industrial process measurement equipment
38230401 Analyzers, industrial process type
38230402 Annunciators, relay and solid state types
38230403 Computer interface equipment, for industrial process control
38230404 Controllers, for process variables, all types
38230405 Coulometric analyzers, industrial process type
38230406 Data loggers, industrial process type
38230407 Density and specific gravity instruments, industrial process
38230408 Digital displays of process variables
38230409 Draft gauges, industrial process type
38230410 Electrodes used in industrial process measurement
38230411 Electrolytic conductivity instruments, industrial process
38230412 Hydrometers, industrial process type
38230413 Infrared instruments, industrial process type
38230414 Panelboard indicators, recorders and controllers: receiver
38230415 Programmers, process type
38230416 Refractometers, industrial process type
38230417 Telemetering instruments, industrial process type
38230418 Thermal conductivity instruments, industrial process type
38230419 Time cycle and program controllers, industrial process type
38230420 Transmitters of process variables, stand. signal conversion
382305 On-stream gas/liquid analysis instruments, industrial
38230500 On-stream gas/liquid analysis instruments, industrial
38230501 Absorption analyzers: infrared, x-ray, etc.: industrial
38230502 Chromatographs, industrial process type
38230503 Liquid analysis instruments, industrial process type
38230504 Liquid concentration instruments, industrial process type
38230505 PH instruments, industrial process type
38230506 Water quality monitoring and control systems
382399 Process control instruments, nec
38239901 Boiler controls: industrial, power, and marine type
38239902 Buoyancy instruments, industrial process type
38239903 Combustion control instruments
38239904 Humidity instruments, industrial process type
38239905 Industrial process control instruments
38239906 Moisture meters, industrial process type
38239907 Nuclear reactor controls
38239908 Potentiometric self-balancing inst., except X-Y plotters
3824 Fluid Meters and Counting Devices
382400 Fluid meters and counting devices
38240000 Fluid meters and counting devices
382401 Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids
38240100 Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids
38240101 Gasmeters, domestic and large capacity: industrial
38240102 Gasoline dispensing meters
38240103 Impeller and counter driven flow meters
38240104 Integrating meters, nonelectric
38240105 Liquid meters, nec
38240107 Mechanical measuring meters
38240108 Positive displacement meters
38240110 Registers, linear tallying
38240111 Rotary type meters
38240114 Totalizing meters, consumption registering
38240115 Turbine meters
38240117 Water meters
382402 Mechanical and electromechanical counters and devices
38240200 Mechanical and electromechanical counters and devices
38240201 Counter type registers
38240202 Counters, revolution
38240203 Electromechanical counters
38240204 Electronic totalizing counters
38240205 Linear counters
38240206 Magnetic counters
38240207 Mechanical counters
38240208 Predetermining counters
38240209 Production counters
38240210 Tally counters
382403 Vehicle instruments
38240300 Vehicle instruments
38240301 Odometers
38240302 Speed indicators and recorders, vehicle
38240303 Speedometers
38240304 Tachometer, centrifugal
38240305 Taximeters
382499 Fluid meters and counting devices, nec
38249901 Controls, revolution and timing instruments
38249902 Gauges for computing pressure temperature corrections
38249903 Parking meters
38249904 Pedometers
3825 Instruments To Measure Electricity
382500 Instruments to measure electricity
38250000 Instruments to measure electricity
382501 Engine electrical test equipment
38250100 Engine electrical test equipment
38250101 Alternator and generator testers
38250102 Automotive ammeters and voltmeters
38250103 Battery testers, electrical
38250105 Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits
38250106 Ignition testing instruments
38250107 Internal combustion engine analyzers, to test electronics
38250108 Spark plug testing equipment, electric
38250109 Test sets, ignition harness
382502 Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement
38250200 Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement
38250201 Analog-digital converters, electronic instrumentation type
38250202 Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics, nec
38250203 Audiometers
38250204 Bridges: Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, megohm, etc.
38250205 Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance
38250206 Digital panel meters, electricity measuring
38250207 Diode and transistor testers
38250209 Electron tube test equipment
38250210 Frequency synthesizers
38250211 Function generators
38250212 Impedance measuring equipment
38250213 Instrument relays, all types
38250215 Integrated circuit testers
38250216 Lab standards, electric: resistance, inductance, capacitance
38250217 Logic circuit testers
38250218 Microwave test equipment
38250219 Network analyzers
38250220 Pulse (signal) generators
38250221 Radar testing instruments, electric
38250222 Radio apparatus analyzers, nec
38250223 Radio set analyzers, electrical
38250225 Reflectometers, sliding shorts
38250226 Semiconductor test equipment
38250227 Shunts, electrical
38250228 Signal generators and averagers
38250229 Spectrum analyzers
38250230 Standard cells
38250231 Standards and calibrating equipment, laboratory
38250232 Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring
38250233 Sweep generators
38250234 Synchroscopes
38250235 Tachometer generators
38250236 Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits
38250237 Time code generators
38250238 Transducers for volts, amperes, watts, vars, frequency, etc.
38250239 Transformers, portable: instrument
38250241 Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment, nec
38250242 X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equip.
382503 Electrical energy measuring equipment
38250300 Electrical energy measuring equipment
38250301 Ammeters, nec
38250302 Ampere-hour meters
38250303 Current measuring equipment, nec
38250304 Demand meters, electric
38250305 Electrical power measuring equipment
38250306 Energy measuring equipment, electrical
38250307 Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical
38250308 Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic
38250310 Instruments for measuring electrical quantities
38250311 Integrating electricity meters
38250312 Measuring instruments and meters, electric
38250313 Meters, power factor and phase angle
38250314 Meters: electric, pocket, portable, panelboard, etc.
38250315 Multimeters
38250317 Oscillators, audio and radio frequency (instrument types)
38250318 Oscillographs and oscilloscopes
38250319 Potentiometric instruments, except industrial process type
38250320 Power measuring equipment, electrical
38250321 Radio frequency measuring equipment
38250322 Recorders, oscillographic
38250323 Resistance measuring equipment
38250325 Stroboscopes
38250326 Sweep oscillators
38250327 Volt meters
38250331 Watt-hour meters, electrical
38250332 Wattmeters
382599 Instruments to measure electricity, nec
38259901 Elapsed time meters, electronic
38259902 Indicating instruments, electric
3826 Analytical Instruments
382600 Analytical instruments
38260000 Analytical instruments
382601 Spectroscopic and other optical properties measuring equip.
38260100 Spectroscopic and other optical properties measuring equip.
38260101 Flame photometers
38260102 Hydrogen ion equipment, colorimetric
38260103 Infrared analytical instruments
38260104 Mass spectrometers
38260105 Mass spectroscopy instrumentation
38260106 Nephelometers, except meteorological
38260107 Photometers
38260108 Polarigraphic equipment
38260109 Polariscopes
38260110 Reflectoscopes
38260111 Refractometers, except industrial process type
38260112 Spectrofluorometers
38260113 Spectrographs
38260114 Spectrometers
38260115 Ultraviolet analytical instruments
382602 Analytical optical instruments
38260200 Analytical optical instruments
38260201 Borescopes
38260202 Microscopes, electron and proton
38260203 Photomicrographic apparatus
382603 Liquid testing apparatus
38260300 Liquid testing apparatus
38260301 Densitometers, analytical
38260302 Liquid chromatographic instruments
38260303 Moisture analyzers
38260304 Osmometers
38260305 Petroleum product analyzing apparatus
38260306 PH meters, except industrial process type
38260307 Turbidometers
38260308 Water testing apparatus
382604 Blood testing apparatus
38260400 Blood testing apparatus
38260401 Amino acid analyzers
38260402 Hemoglobinometers
38260403 Protein analyzers, laboratory type
382605 Gas testing apparatus
38260500 Gas testing apparatus
38260501 Gas analyzing equipment
38260502 Gas chromatographic instruments
382606 Instruments measuring magnetic and electrical properties
38260600 Instruments measuring magnetic and electrical properties
38260601 Coulometric analyzers, except industrial process type
38260602 Electrolytic conductivity instruments
38260603 Electron paramagnetic spin type apparatus
38260604 Electrophoresis equipment
38260605 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
38260606 Neutron activation
382607 Instruments measuring thermal properties
38260700 Instruments measuring thermal properties
38260701 Differential thermal analysis instruments
38260702 Thermal analysis instruments, laboratory type
38260703 Thermogravimetric analyzers
382699 Analytical instruments, nec
38269901 Automatic chemical analyzers
38269902 Chromatographic equipment, laboratory type
38269904 Colorimeters (optical instruments)
38269905 Dust sampling and analysis equipment
38269906 Elemental analyzers
38269907 Environmental testing equipment
38269908 Integrators (mathematical instruments)
38269909 Laser scientific and engineering instruments
38269910 Microprobes
38269911 Particle size analyzers
38269912 Perimeters (optical instruments)
38269914 Sewage testing apparatus
38269915 Specific ion measuring instruments
38269916 Surface area analyzers
38269917 Titrimeters
3827 Optical Instruments and Lenses
382700 Optical instruments and lenses
38270000 Optical instruments and lenses
382701 Optical instruments and apparatus
38270100 Optical instruments and apparatus
38270101 Binoculars
38270102 Boroscopes
38270103 Cinetheodolites
38270104 Coddington magnifying instruments
38270105 Glasses, field or opera
38270106 Gun sights, optical
38270107 Lenses, optical: all types except ophthalmic
38270108 Lupes magnifying instruments, optical
38270109 Magnifying instruments, nec, optical
38270110 Metallographs
38270111 Microprojectors
38270112 Microscopes, except electron, proton, and corneal
38270113 Periscopes
38270114 Phototheodolites
38270115 Sighting and fire control equipment, optical
38270116 Spyglasses
38270117 Telescopes: elbow, panoramic, sighting, fire control, etc.
38270118 Telescopic sights
38270119 Triplet magnifying instruments, optical
382702 Lens coating and grinding equipment
38270200 Lens coating and grinding equipment
38270201 Lens coating equipment
38270202 Lens grinding equipment, except ophthalmic
382799 Optical instruments and lenses, nec
38279901 Aiming circles (fire control equipment)
38279903 Contour projectors
38279905 Fuse setters
38279906 Gratings, diffraction
38279907 Interferometers
38279908 Lens mounts
38279909 Light sources, standard
38279910 Mirrors, optical
38279911 Mirrors, searchlight
38279913 Optical alignment and display instruments
38279914 Optical comparators
38279915 Optical elements and assemblies, except ophthalmic
38279916 Optical test and inspection equipment
38279917 Polarizers
38279918 Prisms, optical
38279919 Reflectors, optical
38279920 Reflectors, searchlight
3829 Measuring and Controlling Devices, Nec
382900 Measuring and controlling devices, nec
38290000 Measuring and controlling devices, nec
382901 Aircraft and motor vehicle measurement equipment
38290100 Aircraft and motor vehicle measurement equipment
38290101 Accelerometers
38290102 Fuel densitometers, aircraft engine
38290103 Fuel mixture indicators, aircraft engine
38290104 Fuel system instruments, aircraft
38290105 Fuel totalizers, aircraft engine
38290106 Gauges, motor vehicle: oil pressure, water temperature
38290107 Gauging instruments, thickness ultrasonic
38290108 Instrument board gauges, automotive: computerized
38290109 Oil pressure gauges, motor vehicle
38290110 Pressure and vacuum indicators, aircraft engine
38290111 Synchronizers, aircraft engine
38290112 Testers for checking hydraulic controls on aircraft
38290113 Thrust power indicators, aircraft engine
38290114 Water temperature gauges, motor vehicle
382902 Geophysical and meteorological testing equipment
38290200 Geophysical and meteorological testing equipment
38290201 Actinometers, meteorological
38290202 Barographs
38290203 Barometers, mercury and aneroid types
38290204 Ceilometers
38290206 Geophysical or meteorological electronic equipment
38290207 Humidity instruments, except industrial process type
38290208 Hygrometers, except industrial process type
38290209 Magnetometers
38290210 Meteorologic tracking systems
38290211 Meteorological instruments
38290212 Moisture density meters
38290214 Rain gauges
38290215 Seismographs
38290216 Seismometers
38290217 Seismoscopes
38290218 Solarimeters
38290219 Weather tracking equipment
38290220 Wind direction indicators
382903 Surveying and drafting equipment
38290300 Surveying and drafting equipment
38290302 Drafting instruments and machines: t-square, template, etc.
38290303 Levels and tapes, surveying
38290304 Map plotting instruments
38290305 Photogrammetrical instruments
38290307 Plotting instruments, drafting and map reading
38290308 Plumb bobs
38290309 Restitution apparatus, photogrammetrical
38290312 Surveying instruments and accessories
38290314 Transits, surveyors'
382904 Physical property testing equipment
38290400 Physical property testing equipment
38290401 Cable testing machines
38290402 Coal testing apparatus
38290403 Dynamometer instruments
38290404 Fatigue testing machines, industrial: mechanical
38290405 Hardness testing equipment
38290406 Stress, strain, and flaw detecting/measuring equipment
38290407 Tensile strength testing equipment
38290408 Testing equipment: abrasion, shearing strength, etc.
38290409 Torsion testing equipment
382905 Nuclear radiation and testing apparatus
38290500 Nuclear radiation and testing apparatus
38290501 Count rate meters, nuclear radiation
38290502 Electrogamma ray loggers
38290503 Geiger counters
38290504 Ion chambers
38290505 Level gauges, radiation type
38290506 Medical diagnostic systems, nuclear
38290507 Nuclear instrument modules
38290508 Personnel dosimetry devices
38290509 Pulse analyzers, nuclear monitoring
38290510 Sample changers, nuclear radiation
38290511 Scalers, nuclear radiation
38290512 Spectrometers, liquid scintillation and nuclear
38290513 Whole body counters, nuclear
382906 Automatic turnstiles and related apparatus
38290600 Automatic turnstiles and related apparatus
38290601 Fare registers, for street cars, buses, etc.
38290602 Toll booths, automatic
38290603 Turnstiles, equipped with counting mechanisms
382907 Thermometers and temperature sensors
38290700 Thermometers and temperature sensors
38290701 Temperature sensors, except industrial process and aircraft
38290702 Thermocouples
38290703 Thermometers, including digital: clinical
38290704 Thermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal type
382999 Measuring and controlling devices, nec, nec
38299901 Anamometers
38299902 Breathalyzers
38299903 Chronometers, electronic
38299904 Compasses, magnetic: portable type
38299905 Fire detector systems, non-electric
38299906 Gas detectors
38299907 Hydrometers, except industrial process type
38299908 Instrumentation for reactor controls, auxiliary
38299909 Kinematic test and measuring equipment
38299911 Photopitometers
38299913 Pressure transducers
38299915 Salinity indicators, except industrial process type
38299917 Shadowgraphs
38299918 Slide rules
38299920 Thermomagnetic oxygen analyzer
38299922 Ultrasonic testing equipment
38299923 Vibration meters, analyzers, and calibrators
38299924 Viscosimeters, except industrial process type
38299925 Polygraph devices
38299926 Liquid leak detection equipment
3841 Surgical and Medical Instruments
384100 Surgical and medical instruments
38410000 Surgical and medical instruments
384101 Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus
38410100 Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus
38410101 Muscle exercise apparatus, ophthalmic
38410102 Ophthalmic lasers
384102 Diagnostic apparatus, medical
38410200 Diagnostic apparatus, medical
38410201 Biopsy instruments and equipment
38410202 Blood pressure apparatus
38410204 Corneal microscopes
38410205 Cystoscopes
38410206 Eye examining instruments and apparatus
38410207 Gastroscopes, except electromedical
38410208 Ophthalmometers and ophthalmoscopes
38410209 Optometers
38410210 Otoscopes, except electromedical
38410211 Pelvimeters
38410212 Retinoscopes
38410214 Tonometers, medical
384103 Veterinarians' instruments and apparatus
38410300 Veterinarians' instruments and apparatus
38410301 Rifles, for propelling hypodermics into animals
384104 Surgical instruments and apparatus
38410400 Surgical instruments and apparatus
38410401 Anesthesia apparatus
38410402 Cannulae
38410403 Catheters
38410404 Clamps, surgical
38410405 Fixation appliances, internal
38410406 Forceps, surgical
38410407 Holders, surgical needle
38410408 Hypodermic needles and syringes
38410409 Inhalators, surgical and medical
38410410 Instruments, microsurgical: except electromedical
38410411 Knives, surgical
38410412 Metabolism apparatus
38410413 Needles, suture
38410414 Probes, surgical
38410415 Retractors
38410416 Saws, surgical
38410417 Speculums
38410418 Suction therapy apparatus
38410419 Surgical knife blades and handles
38410420 Surgical lasers
38410421 Surgical stapling devices
38410422 Trocars
384105 Medical instruments and equipment, blood and bone work
38410500 Medical instruments and equipment, blood and bone work
38410501 Blood transfusion equipment
38410502 Bone drills
38410503 Bone plates and screws
38410505 Hemodialysis apparatus
38410506 IV transfusion apparatus
384199 Surgical and medical instruments, nec
38419901 Inhalation therapy equipment
38419902 Operating tables
38419903 Oxygen tents
38419904 Physiotherapy equipment, electrical
38419905 Skin grafting equipment
38419906 Stethoscopes and stethographs
38419907 Ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment
3842 Surgical Appliances and Supplies
384200 Surgical appliances and supplies
38420000 Surgical appliances and supplies
384201 Personal safety equipment
38420100 Personal safety equipment
38420101 Bulletproof vests
38420102 Clothing, fire resistant and protective
38420103 Ear plugs
38420104 Gas masks
38420105 Gloves, safety
38420106 Helmets, space
38420107 Life preservers, except cork and inflatable
38420108 Linemen's safety belts
38420109 Noise protectors, personal
38420110 Nose plugs
38420111 Radiation shielding aprons, gloves, sheeting, etc.
38420112 Respiratory protection equipment, personal
38420113 Space suits
38420114 Suits, firefighting (asbestos)
38420115 Welders' hoods
384202 Cotton and cotton applicators
38420200 Cotton and cotton applicators
38420201 Absorbent cotton, sterilized
38420202 Applicators, cotton tipped
38420203 Cotton, absorbent: sterilized
38420204 Cotton, including cotton balls: sterile and non-sterile
38420205 Swabs, sanitary cotton
384203 Prosthetic appliances
38420300 Prosthetic appliances
38420301 Cosmetic restorations
38420302 Implants, surgical
38420303 Limbs, artificial
38420304 Models, anatomical
38420305 Socks, stump
384204 Orthopedic appliances
38420400 Orthopedic appliances
38420401 Abdominal supporters, braces, and trusses
38420402 Braces, elastic
38420403 Braces, orthopedic
38420404 Canes, orthopedic
38420405 Cervical collars
38420407 Corsets, surgical
38420408 Crutches and walkers
38420409 Elastic hosiery, orthopedic (support)
38420410 Extension shoes, orthopedic
38420411 Foot appliances, orthopedic
38420412 Hearing aids
38420413 Hosiery, support
38420414 Splints, pneumatic and wood
38420415 Supports: abdominal, ankle, arch, kneecap, etc.
38420416 Suspensories
38420417 Technical aids for the handicapped
38420418 Trusses, orthopedic and surgical
38420419 Walkers
38420420 Wheelchairs
384205 Bandages and dressings
38420500 Bandages and dressings
38420501 Bandages: plastic, muslin, plaster of paris, etc.
38420502 Dressings, surgical
38420503 Gauze, surgical
384299 Surgical appliances and supplies, nec
38429901 Adhesive tape and plasters, medicated or non-medicated
38429902 Atomizers, medical
38429903 Autoclaves, hospital and surgical
38429904 Belts: surgical, sanitary, and corrective
38429905 Colostomy appliances
38429906 Drapes, surgical (cotton)
38429907 First aid, snake bite, and burn kits
38429908 Fracture appliances, surgical
38429909 Grafts, artifical: for surgery
38429910 Gynecological supplies and appliances
38429911 Hydrotherapy equipment
38429912 Infant incubators
38429913 Intra-uterine devices
38429914 Iron lungs
38429915 Ligatures, medical
38429916 Respirators
38429917 Restraints, patient
38429918 Sponges, surgical
38429919 Sterilizers, hospital and surgical
38429920 Stockinette, surgical
38429921 Stretchers
38429922 Surgical appliances and supplies
38429923 Sutures, absorbable and non-absorbable
38429924 Tape, adhesive: medicated or non-medicated
38429925 Tongue depressors
38429926 Traction apparatus
38429927 Whirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment
3843 Dental Equipment and Supplies
384300 Dental equipment and supplies
38430000 Dental equipment and supplies
384301 Dental equipment
38430100 Dental equipment
38430101 Abrasive points, wheels, and disks, dental
38430102 Autoclaves, dental
38430104 Burs, dental
38430105 Cabinets, dental
38430106 Cutting instruments, dental
38430107 Dental chairs
38430108 Dental engines
38430109 Dental hand instruments, nec
38430110 Dental laboratory equipment
38430111 Dental tools, nec
38430112 Drills, dental
38430114 Furnaces, laboratory, dental
38430115 Hand pieces and parts, dental
38430116 Orthodontic appliances
38430118 Sterilizers, dental
38430119 Ultrasonic dental equipment
384302 Dental materials
38430200 Dental materials
38430201 Cement, dental
38430202 Compounds, dental
38430203 Dental alloys for amalgams
38430204 Dental metal
38430205 Denture materials
38430206 Enamels, dentists'
38430208 Gold, dental
38430209 Impression material, dental
38430210 Investment material, dental
38430211 Plaster, dental
38430212 Teeth, artificial (not made in dental laboratories)
38430213 Wax, dental
3844 X-ray Apparatus and Tubes
384400 X-ray apparatus and tubes
38440000 X-ray apparatus and tubes
384499 X-ray apparatus and tubes, nec
38449901 Beta-ray irradiation equipment
38449903 Fluoroscopic X-ray apparatus and tubes
38449904 Gamma ray irradiation equipment
38449905 Irradiation equipment, nec
38449906 Lamps, X-ray
38449907 Nuclear irradiation equipment
38449908 Radiographic X-ray apparatus and tubes
38449909 Radium equipment
38449910 Therapeutic X-ray apparatus and tubes
38449911 X-ray generators
3845 Electromedical Equipment
384500 Electromedical equipment
38450000 Electromedical equipment
384501 Electromedical apparatus
38450100 Electromedical apparatus
38450101 Audiological equipment, electromedical
38450102 Automated blood and body fluid analyzers, except lab
38450103 Bronchoscopes, electromedical
38450104 Cardiographs
38450105 Colonascopes, electromedical
38450107 CAT scanner (computerized axial tomography) apparatus
38450108 Electrocardiographs
38450109 Electroencephalographs
38450110 Electromyographs
38450111 Endoscopic equipment, electromedical, nec
38450112 Gastroscopes, electromedical
38450113 Magnetic resonance imaging device, nuclear
38450114 Otoscopes, electromedical
38450115 Patient monitoring apparatus, nec
38450116 Phonocardiographs
38450117 Position emission tomography (PET scanner)
38450118 Respiratory analysis equipment, electromedical
38450120 Ultrasonic medical equipment, except cleaning
38450121 Ultrasonic scanning devices, medical
384502 Electrotherapeutic apparatus
38450200 Electrotherapeutic apparatus
38450201 Arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic (except IR and UV)
38450202 Defibrillator
38450203 Dialyzers, electromedical
38450204 Diathermy apparatus, electromedical
38450205 Heart-lung machine
38450206 Pacemaker, cardiac
38450207 Surgical support systems: heart-lung machine, exc. iron lung
38450208 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)
384599 Electromedical equipment, nec
38459901 Laser systems and equipment, medical
38459902 Lithotripters
38459903 Medical cleaning equipment, ultrasonic
3851 Ophthalmic Goods
385100 Ophthalmic goods
38510000 Ophthalmic goods
385101 Frames, lenses, and parts, eyeglass and spectacle
38510100 Frames, lenses, and parts, eyeglass and spectacle
38510101 Eyeglasses, lenses and frames
38510102 Frames and parts, eyeglass and spectacle
38510103 Lens coating, ophthalmic
38510104 Lens grinding, except prescription: ophthalmic
38510105 Lenses, ophthalmic
38510107 Magnifiers (readers and simple magnifiers)
38510108 Mountings, eyeglass and spectacle
38510109 Spectacles
38510110 Temples and fronts, ophthalmic
385102 Protective eyeware
38510200 Protective eyeware
38510201 Glasses, sun or glare
38510202 Goggles: sun, safety, industrial, underwater, etc.
38510203 Protectors, eye
385199 Ophthalmic goods, nec
38519901 Contact lenses
38519902 Eyes, glass and plastic
38519903 Intraocular lenses
3861 Photographic Equipment and Supplies
386100 Photographic equipment and supplies
38610000 Photographic equipment and supplies
386101 Sensitized film, cloth, and paper
38610100 Sensitized film, cloth, and paper
38610101 Blueprint cloth or paper, sensitized
38610103 Diazo (whiteprint) cloth or paper, sensitized
38610104 Film, sensitized motion picture, X-ray, still camera, etc.
38610105 Graphic arts plates, sensitized
38610107 Lantern slide plates, sensitized
38610109 Motion picture film
38610110 Photographic paper and cloth, all types, nec
38610111 Photographic sensitized goods, nec
38610112 Plates, photographic (sensitized)
38610113 X-ray film
38610114 X-ray plates, sensitized
386102 Photographic processing equipment and chemicals
38610200 Photographic processing equipment and chemicals
38610202 Developing machines and equipment, still or motion picture
38610203 Driers, photographic
38610204 Enlargers, photographic
38610205 Hangers, photographic film, plate, and paper
38610206 Printing equipment, photographic
38610207 Processing equipment, photographic
38610208 Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing
38610209 Trays, photographic printing and processing
38610210 Washers, photographic print and film
386103 Cameras and related equipment
38610300 Cameras and related equipment
38610301 Aerial cameras
38610302 Cameras, microfilm
38610303 Cameras, still and motion picture (all types)
38610304 Exposure meters, photographic
38610305 Flashlight apparatus for photographers, except bulbs
38610306 Lens shades, camera
38610307 Light meters, camera
38610308 Microfilm equipment: cameras, projectors, readers, etc.
38610309 Motion picture apparatus and equipment
38610310 Photo reconnaissance systems
38610311 Photoflash equipment, except lamps
38610312 Photographic instruments, electronic
38610313 Range finders, photographic
38610314 Shutters, camera
38610315 Stands, camera and projector
38610316 Tripods, camera and projector
386104 Photographic film, plate, and paper holders
38610400 Photographic film, plate, and paper holders
38610401 Printing frames, photographic
38610402 Reels, film
386105 Reproduction machines and equipment
38610500 Reproduction machines and equipment
38610501 Blueprint reproduction machines and equipment
38610502 Brownprint reproduction machines and equipment
38610503 Diazotype (whiteprint) reproduction machines and equipment
38610504 Microfiche readers and reader printers
38610505 Photocopy machines
386106 Photographic processing chemicals
38610600 Photographic processing chemicals
38610601 Developers, photographic (not made in chemical plants)
38610602 Fixers, photographic (not made in chemical plants)
38610603 Toners, prepared photographic (not made in chemical plants)
386199 Photographic equipment and supplies, nec
38619901 Densitometers
38619902 Editing equipment, motion picture: viewers, splicers, etc.
38619903 Projectors, still or motion picture, silent or sound
38619904 Screens, projection
38619905 Sensitometers, photographic
38619906 Sound recording and reproducing equipment, motion picture
38619907 Stereopticons
3873 Watches, Clocks, Watchcases, and Parts
387300 Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts
38730000 Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts
387399 Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts, nec
38739901 Appliance timers
38739903 Chronometers, spring wound
38739904 Clocks, assembly of
38739905 Clocks, except timeclocks
38739906 Movements, watch or clock
38739907 Timers for industrial use, clockwork mechanism only
38739908 Watchcases
38739909 Watches and parts, except crystals and jewels

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )