SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
3911 Jewelry, Precious Metal
391100 Jewelry, precious metal
39110000 Jewelry, precious metal
391101 Jewelry apparel
39110100 Jewelry apparel
39110101 Bracelets, precious metal
39110102 Collar/cuff buttons, precious/semiprecious metal or stone
39110103 Earrings, precious metal
39110104 Medals, precious or semiprecious metal
39110105 Necklaces, precious metal
39110106 Pearl jewelry, natural or cultured
39110107 Pins (jewelry), precious metal
39110108 Rings, finger: precious metal
39110109 Rosaries or other small religious articles, precious metal
39110110 Shirt studs, precious and semiprecious metal or stone
39110111 Watchbands, precious metal
391102 Cigar and cigarette accessories
39110200 Cigar and cigarette accessories
39110202 Cigar lighters, precious metal
39110204 Cigarette lighters, precious metal
391103 Jewelry mountings and trimmings
39110300 Jewelry mountings and trimmings
39110301 Handles, gold and silver: umbrella and parasol
39110302 Jewel settings and mountings, precious metal
39110303 Mountings, gold or silver: pens, leather goods, etc.
39110304 Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: precious metal
391104 Precious metal cases
39110400 Precious metal cases
39110401 Compacts, precious metal
39110402 Handbags, precious metal
39110403 Vanity cases, precious metal
3914 Silverware and Plated Ware
391400 Silverware and plated ware
39140000 Silverware and plated ware
391401 Silverware
39140100 Silverware
39140101 Carving sets, silver
39140102 Cutlery, silver
39140104 Flatware, silver
39140105 Hollowware, silver
39140107 Silversmithing
39140108 Silverware, solid silver
39140109 Silverware, sterling silver
39140111 Trays, silver
39140112 Trophies, silver
391402 Nickle silverware
39140200 Nickle silverware
39140201 Carving sets, nickle silver
39140203 Ecclesiastical ware, nickle silver
39140208 Trays, nickle silver
39140209 Trophies, nickle silver
391403 Pewter ware
39140300 Pewter ware
39140301 Carving sets, pewter
39140302 Cutlery, pewter
39140304 Flatware, pewter
39140305 Hollowware, pewter
39140308 Trays, pewter
39140309 Trophies, pewter
391404 Plated ware (all metals)
39140400 Plated ware (all metals)
39140401 Carving sets, plated (all metals)
39140402 Cutlery, plated (all metals)
39140403 Ecclesiastical ware, plated (all metals)
39140404 Flatware, plated (all metals)
39140405 Hollowware, plated (all metals)
39140406 Loving cups, plated (all metals)
39140407 Silverware, silver plated
39140408 Toilet ware, plated (all metals)
39140409 Trays, plated (all metals)
39140410 Trophies, plated (all metals)
391405 Stainless steel ware
39140500 Stainless steel ware
39140501 Carving sets, stainless steel
39140502 Cutlery, stainless steel
39140503 Ecclesiastical ware, stainless steel
39140504 Flatware, stainless steel
39140505 Hollowware, stainless steel
39140506 Loving cups, stainless steel
39140507 Toilet ware, stainless steel
39140508 Trays, stainless steel
39140509 Trophies, stainless steel
391499 Silverware and plated ware, nec
39149901 Carving sets, nsk
39149902 Cutlery, nsk
39149903 Ecclesiastical ware, nsk
39149904 Flatware, nsk
39149905 Hollowware, nsk
39149907 Silverware, nsk
39149908 Toilet ware, nsk
39149909 Trays, nsk
39149910 Trophies, nsk
3915 Jewelers' Materials and Lapidary Work
391500 Jewelers' materials and lapidary work
39150000 Jewelers' materials and lapidary work
391501 Jewelers' findings and materials
39150100 Jewelers' findings and materials
39150101 Gems, real and imitation: preparation for settings
39150102 Jewel bearings, synthetic
39150103 Jewel preparing: instruments, tools, watches, and jewelry
39150104 Jewelers' castings
39150105 Jewelry parts, unassembled
39150106 Machine chain, platinum or karat gold
39150107 Pin stems
391502 Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing
39150200 Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing
39150201 Diamond cutting and polishing
39150202 Jewel cutting, drilling, polishing, recutting, or setting
39150203 Jewelry polishing for the trade
39150204 Jewelry soldering for the trade
39150205 Lapidary work, contract or other
39150206 Pearl drilling, sawing or peeling
3931 Musical Instruments
393100 Musical instruments
39310000 Musical instruments
393101 Keyboard instruments and parts
39310100 Keyboard instruments and parts
39310101 Accordions and parts
39310102 Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)
39310103 Blowers, pipe organ
39310105 Calliopes (steam organs)
39310106 Concertinas and parts
39310107 Frames, piano back
39310108 Hammers, piano
39310109 Harpsichords
39310110 Keyboards, piano or organ
39310114 Music rolls, perforated
39310115 Organ parts and materials
39310116 Organs, all types: pipe, reed, hand, electronic, etc.
39310117 Piano parts and materials, nec
39310118 Pianos, all types: vertical, grand, spinet, player, etc.
39310119 Pipes, organ
39310120 Reedboards, organ
39310121 Reeds, organ
39310122 Strings, piano
39310123 Synthesizers, music
393102 String instruments and parts
39310200 String instruments and parts
39310201 Banjos and parts
39310202 Cellos and parts
39310203 Fretted instruments and parts
39310204 Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectric
39310205 Harps and parts
39310207 Mandolins and parts
39310208 Strings, musical instrument
39310209 Ukuleles and parts
39310210 Violas and parts
39310211 Violins and parts
39310212 Zithers and parts
393103 Woodwind instruments and parts
39310300 Woodwind instruments and parts
39310301 Bassoons
39310302 Clarinets and parts
39310303 Fifes and parts
39310304 Flutes and parts
39310305 Oboes and english horns
39310306 Piccolos and parts
39310307 Recorders (musical instruments)
39310308 Reeds for musical instruments
39310309 Saxophones and parts
393104 Brass instruments and parts
39310400 Brass instruments and parts
39310402 Bugles and parts (musical instruments)
39310403 Cornets and parts
39310406 Trumpets and parts
393105 Percussion instruments and parts
39310500 Percussion instruments and parts
39310501 Bells (musical instruments)
39310502 Carillon bells
39310503 Chimes and parts (musical instruments)
39310504 Cymbals and parts
39310505 Drummers' traps
39310506 Drums, parts, and accessories (musical instruments)
39310507 Heads, drum
39310508 Marimbas
39310510 Xylophones and parts
393199 Musical instruments, nec
39319901 Harmonicas
39319902 Mouthpieces for musical instruments
39319903 Musical instruments, electric and electronic, nec
39319904 Ocarinas
39319906 Stands, music
3942 Dolls and Stuffed Toys
394200 Dolls and stuffed toys
39420000 Dolls and stuffed toys
394201 Dolls and doll clothing
39420100 Dolls and doll clothing
39420101 Clothing, doll
39420102 Doll parts
39420103 Dolls, except stuffed toy animals
39420104 Hats, doll
39420105 Miniature dolls, collectors'
39420106 Shoes, doll
394299 Dolls and stuffed toys, nec
39429901 Stuffed toys, including animals
3944 Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles
394400 Games, toys, and children's vehicles
39440000 Games, toys, and children's vehicles
394401 Children's vehicles, except bicycles
39440100 Children's vehicles, except bicycles
39440101 Automobiles, children's, pedal driven
39440102 Cars, play (children's vehicles)
39440103 Cycles, sidewalk: children's
39440104 Doll carriages and carts
39440105 Go-carts, children's
39440106 Scooters, children's
39440107 Sleds, children's
39440108 Tricycles
39440109 Wagons: coaster, express, and play: children's
394402 Electronic games and toys
39440200 Electronic games and toys
39440201 Electronic game machines, except coin-operated
39440202 Electronic toys
39440203 Video game machines, except coin-operated
394403 Board games, puzzles, and models, except electronic
39440300 Board games, puzzles, and models, except electronic
39440301 Airplane models, toy and hobby
39440302 Automobile and truck models, toy and hobby
39440303 Bingo boards (games)
39440304 Blocks, toy
39440305 Board games, children's and adults'
39440306 Boat and ship models, toy and hobby
39440307 Checkers and checkerboards
39440308 Chessmen and chessboards
39440309 Craft and hobby kits and sets
39440310 Dice and dice cups
39440311 Dominoes
39440312 Erector sets, toy
39440313 Poker chips
39440314 Puzzles
39440315 Railroad models: toy and hobby
39440316 Science kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, etc.
39440317 Structural toy sets
394404 Toy guns
39440400 Toy guns
39440401 Air rifles, toy
39440402 Pistols, toy
39440403 Rifles, toy: except air
394405 Toy musical instruments
39440500 Toy musical instruments
39440501 Bells, toy
39440503 Horns, toy
394406 Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles
39440600 Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles
39440601 Airplanes, toy
39440602 Automobiles and trucks, toy
39440603 Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical
394407 Baby carriages and restraint seats
39440700 Baby carriages and restraint seats
39440701 Carriages, baby
39440702 Child restraint seats, automotive
39440703 Strollers, baby (vehicle)
39440704 Sulkies, baby (vehicle)
39440705 Tenders, baby (vehicle)
39440706 Walkers, baby (vehicle)
394499 Games, toys, and children's vehicles, nec
39449901 Banks, toy
39449902 Baskets, toy
39449903 Books, toy: picture and cutout
39449904 Darts and dart games
39449905 Dishes, toy
39449906 Dollhouses and furniture
39449907 Engines, miniature
39449908 Hobby horses
39449909 Kites
39449910 Magic lanterns (toys)
39449911 Marbles (toys)
39449912 Paint sets, children's
39449913 Rocking horses
3949 Sporting and athletic Goods, Nec
394900 Sporting and athletic goods, nec
39490000 Sporting and athletic goods, nec
394901 Golf equipment
39490100 Golf equipment
39490101 Bags, golf
39490102 Carts, caddy
39490103 Driving ranges, golf, electronic
39490104 Golf carts, hand
39490105 Shafts, golf club
394902 Fishing equipment
39490200 Fishing equipment
39490201 Bait, artificial: fishing
39490202 Baskets (creels), fish and bait
39490203 Buckets, fish and bait
39490204 Fishing tackle, general
39490205 Flies, fishing: artificial
39490206 Hooks, fishing
39490207 Lures, fishing: artificial
39490208 Reels, fishing
39490209 Rods and rod parts, fishing
39490210 Scoops, crab and fish
39490211 Spears and spearguns, fishing
394903 Exercise equipment
39490300 Exercise equipment
39490301 Dumbbells and other weightlifting equipment
39490302 Exercising cycles
39490303 Rowing machines
39490305 Treadmills
394904 Winter sports equipment
39490400 Winter sports equipment
39490401 Bobsleds
39490402 Ice skates, parts and accessories
39490403 Snow skiing equipment and supplies, except skis
39490404 Snow skis
39490405 Snowshoes
39490406 Toboggans
394905 Hunting equipment
39490500 Hunting equipment
39490501 Ammunition belts, sporting type
39490502 Archery equipment, general
39490503 Arrows, archery
39490504 Bows, archery
39490505 Cartridge belts, sporting type
39490506 Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)
39490507 Crossbows
39490508 Decoys, duck and other game birds
39490509 Game calls
39490510 Pigeons, clay (targets)
39490511 Shooting equipment and supplies, general
39490512 Target shooting equipment
39490513 Targets, archery and rifle shooting
39490514 Trap racks (clay targets)
394906 Water sports equipment
39490600 Water sports equipment
39490601 Skin diving equipment, scuba type
39490602 Surfboards
39490603 Swimming pools, plastic
39490604 Wading pools, plastic coated fabric
39490605 Water skiing equipment and supplies, except skis
39490606 Water skis
39490607 Windsurfing boards (sailboards) and equipment
39490608 Swimming pools, except plastic
394907 Protective sporting equipment
39490700 Protective sporting equipment
39490701 Fencing equipment (sporting goods)
39490702 Guards: football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.
39490703 Helmets, athletic
39490704 Masks: hockey, baseball, football, etc.
39490705 Pads: football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.
39490706 Protectors: baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.
394908 Darts and table sports equipment and supplies
39490800 Darts and table sports equipment and supplies
39490802 Billiard and pool equipment and supplies, general
39490803 Billiard chalk
39490804 Bridges, billiard and pool
39490805 Dartboards and accessories
39490806 Ping-pong equipment and supplies, except tables
39490807 Ping-pong tables
394909 Racket sports equipment
39490900 Racket sports equipment
39490901 Badminton equipment and supplies
39490902 Nets: badminton, volleyball, tennis, etc.
39490903 Rackets and frames: tennis, badminton, squash, lacrosse, etc
39490905 Strings, tennis racket
39490906 Tennis equipment and supplies
394910 Bowling equipment and supplies
39491000 Bowling equipment and supplies
39491001 Bowling alleys and accessories
39491002 Bowling pin machines, automatic
39491003 Bowling pins
39491004 Bowling balls
394911 Baseball, softball, and cricket sports equipment
39491100 Baseball, softball, and cricket sports equipment
39491101 Baseball equipment and supplies, general
39491102 Bases, baseball
39491103 Cricket equipment, general
39491104 Mitts and gloves, baseball
39491105 Softball equipment and supplies
394912 Croquet and polo equipment and supplies
39491200 Croquet and polo equipment and supplies
39491201 Croquet sets
39491202 Mallets: polo, croquet, etc.
39491203 Polo equipment and supplies, general
394913 Team sports equipment
39491300 Team sports equipment
39491301 Basketball equipment and supplies, general
39491302 Football equipment and supplies, general
39491303 Hockey equipment and supplies, general
39491304 Lacrosse equipment and supplies, general
39491305 Soccer equipment and supplies
394999 Sporting and athletic goods, nec, nec
39499901 Bags, rosin
39499902 Balls: baseball, football, basketball, etc.
39499903 Boomerangs
39499904 Boxing equipment and supplies, general
39499905 Camping equipment and supplies
39499906 Gloves, sport and athletic: boxing, handball, etc.
39499907 Gymnasium equipment
39499908 Indian clubs
39499909 Playground equipment
39499910 Shuffleboards and shuffleboard equipment
39499911 Skateboards
39499912 Skates and parts, roller
39499913 Sticks: hockey, lacrosse, etc.
39499914 Track and field athletic equipment
39499915 Trampolines and equipment
39499916 Batons
3951 Pens and Mechanical Pencils
395100 Pens and mechanical pencils
39510000 Pens and mechanical pencils
395199 Pens and mechanical pencils, nec
39519901 Ball point pens and parts
39519902 Cartridges, refill: ball point pens
39519903 Fountain pens and fountain pen desk sets
39519904 Markers, soft tip (felt, fabric, plastic, etc.)
39519905 Meter pens
39519906 Nibs (pen points): gold, steel, or other metal
39519907 Pencils and pencil parts, mechanical
39519908 Penholders and parts
39519909 Stylographic pens and parts
3952 Lead Pencils and Art Goods
395200 Lead pencils and art goods
39520000 Lead pencils and art goods
395201 Artists' materials, except pencils and leads
39520100 Artists' materials, except pencils and leads
39520101 Colors, artists': water and oxide ceramic glass
39520102 Crayons: chalk, gypsum, charcoal, fusains, pastel, wax, etc.
39520103 Frisket paper (artists' material)
39520104 India ink
39520105 Ink, drawing: black and colored
39520106 Maulsticks, artists'
39520107 Mixtures, gold or bronze: artists'
39520108 Modeling clay
39520109 Paints for burnt wood or leather work, platinum
39520110 Paints for china painting
39520111 Paints, except gold and bronze: artists'
39520112 Paints, gold or bronze: artists'
39520113 Pastels, artists'
39520114 Powders, gold or bronze: artists'
39520115 Sizes, gold and bronze: artists'
39520116 Walnut oil, artists'
39520117 Water colors, artists'
39520118 Wax, artists'
395202 Artists' equipment
39520200 Artists' equipment
39520201 Boards, drawing, artists'
39520202 Boxes, sketching and paint
39520203 Brushes, air, artists'
39520204 Burnishers and cushions, gilders'
39520205 Canvas board, artists'
39520206 Canvas, prepared on frames: artists'
39520207 Drafting materials
39520208 Easels, artists'
39520209 Enamels, china painting
39520210 Eraser guides and shields
39520211 Frames for artists' canvases
39520212 Lettering instruments, artists'
39520213 Palettes, artists'
39520214 Pantographs, for drafting
39520215 Pyrography materials
39520216 Sketching boxes, artists'
39520217 Tables, drawing, artists'
395203 Pencils and leads, including artists'
39520300 Pencils and leads, including artists'
39520301 Pencil holders
39520302 Pencil lead: black, indelible, or colored: artists'
39520303 Pencils and pencil parts, artists'
395299 Lead pencils and art goods, nec
39529901 Chalk: carpenters', blackboard, marking, tailors', etc.
39529902 Tracing cloth (drafting material)
3953 Marking Devices
395300 Marking devices
39530000 Marking devices
395301 Embossing seals and hand stamps
39530100 Embossing seals and hand stamps
39530101 Canceling stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530102 Date stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530103 Embossing seals, corporate and official
39530104 Numbering stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530105 Postmark stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530106 Seal presses, notary and hand
39530107 Shoe stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530108 Stationery embossers, personal
39530109 Textile marking stamps, hand: rubber or metal
39530110 Time stamps, hand: rubber or metal
395399 Marking devices, nec
39539901 Figures (marking devices), metal
39539902 Irons, marking or branding
39539903 Letters (marking devices), metal
39539904 Pads, inking and stamping
39539905 Printing dies, rubber or plastic, for marking machines
39539906 Screens, textile printing
39539907 Stencil machines (marking devices)
39539908 Stencils, painting and marking
3955 Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
395500 Carbon paper and inked ribbons
39550000 Carbon paper and inked ribbons
395501 Carbon and stencil paper
39550100 Carbon and stencil paper
39550101 Carbon paper, for typewriters, sales books, etc.
39550102 Stencil paper, for typewriters
39550103 Stencil paper, gelatin or spirit process
395599 Carbon paper and inked ribbons, nec
39559901 Ribbons, inked: typewriter, adding machine, register, etc.
39559902 Print cartridges for laser and other computer printers
3961 Costume Jewelry
396100 Costume jewelry
39610000 Costume jewelry
396101 Jewelry apparel, non-precious metals
39610100 Jewelry apparel, non-precious metals
39610101 Bracelets, except precious metal
39610102 Cuff-links and studs, except precious metal and gems
39610103 Earrings, except precious metal
39610104 Necklaces, except precious metal
39610105 Pins (jewelry), except precious metal
39610106 Rings, finger: gold plated wire
39610107 Watchbands, base metal
396102 Costume novelties
39610200 Costume novelties
39610201 Compacts, except precious metal
39610202 Ornaments, costume, except precious metal and gems
39610203 Vanity cases, except precious metal and leather
396199 Costume jewelry, nec
39619901 Costume jewelry, ex. precious metal and semiprecious stones
39619902 Pearls, artificial
39619903 Rosaries and small religious articles, except precious metal
39619904 Keychains, except precious metal
3965 Fasteners, Buttons, Needles, and Pins
396500 Fasteners, buttons, needles, and pins
39650000 Fasteners, buttons, needles, and pins
396501 Buttons and parts
39650100 Buttons and parts
39650101 Button backs and parts
39650102 Button blanks and molds
39650103 Button coloring for the trade
39650104 Collar/cuff buttons, except precious and semiprecious
39650105 Studs, shirt, except precious/semiprecious metal or stone
396502 Pins and needles
39650200 Pins and needles
39650201 Hairpins, except rubber
39650202 Needles, hand or machine
39650203 Safety pins
39650204 Straight pins: steel or brass
396503 Fasteners
39650300 Fasteners
39650301 Eyelets, metal: clothing, fabrics, boots, or shoes
39650303 Fasteners, hooks and eyes
39650304 Fasteners, slide zippers
39650305 Fasteners, snap
396599 Fasteners, buttons, needles, and pins, nec
39659901 Buckles and buckle parts
39659902 Hair curlers
39659903 Hooks, crochet
39659904 Tape, hook-and-eye, and snap fastener
39659905 Zipper
3991 Brooms and Brushes
399100 Brooms and brushes
39910000 Brooms and brushes
399101 Brooms
39910100 Brooms
39910101 Push brooms
39910102 Street sweeping brooms, hand or machine
39910103 Whisk brooms
399102 Paint and varnish brushes
39910200 Paint and varnish brushes
39910201 Paint rollers
39910202 Paintbrushes
399103 Brushes, except paint and varnish
39910300 Brushes, except paint and varnish
39910301 Brushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, etc.
39910302 Brushes, household or industrial
39910303 Hair pencils (artists' brushes)
39910304 Shaving brushes
39910306 Toothbrushes, except electric
3993 Signs and Advertising Specialties
399300 Signs and advertising specialties
39930000 Signs and advertising specialties
399301 Electric signs
39930100 Electric signs
39930101 Neon signs
39930102 Scoreboards, electric
399399 Signs and advertising specialties, nec
39939901 Advertising artwork
39939902 Advertising novelties
39939903 Displays and cutouts, window and lobby
39939904 Displays, paint process
39939905 Letters for signs, metal
39939906 Name plates: except engraved, etched, etc.: metal
39939907 Signs, not made in custom sign painting shops
3995 Burial Caskets
399500 Burial caskets
39950000 Burial caskets
399599 Burial caskets, nec
39959901 Burial vaults, fiberglass
39959902 Casket linings
39959903 Grave vaults, metal
3996 Hard Surface Floor Coverings, Nec
399600 Hard surface floor coverings, nec
39960000 Hard surface floor coverings, nec
399699 Hard surface floor coverings, nec, nec
39969901 Asphalted-felt-base floor coverings: linoleum, carpet
39969902 Tile, floor: supported plastic
3999 Manufacturing Industries, Nec
399900 Manufacturing industries, nec
39990000 Manufacturing industries, nec
399901 Barber and beauty shop equipment
39990100 Barber and beauty shop equipment
39990101 Chairs, hydraulic, barber and beauty shop
39990102 Furniture, barber and beauty shop
39990103 Hair clippers for human use, hand and electric
39990104 Hair curlers, designed for beauty parlors
39990105 Hair driers, designed for beauty parlors
39990106 Hair, dressing of, for the trade
39990107 Massage machines, electric: barber and beauty shops
39990108 Permanent wave equipment and machines
39990109 Sterilizers, barber and beauty shop
39990110 Vibrators, electric: designed for barber and beauty shops
399902 Hair and hair-based products
39990200 Hair and hair-based products
39990201 Comb mountings
39990202 Combs, except hard rubber
39990203 Doll wigs (hair)
39990204 Hair nets
39990205 Hairpin mountings
39990206 Pads, permanent waving
39990207 Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets
39990208 Eyelashes, artificial
39990209 Barrettes
399903 Feathers and feather products
39990300 Feathers and feather products
39990301 Curling feathers
39990302 Down (feathers)
39990303 Dusters, feather
39990304 Feathers, dyeing, except ostrich
39990305 Feathers, ostrich, curling and dyeing
39990306 Feathers, renovating
39990307 Trimmings, feather
399904 Furs
39990400 Furs
39990401 Fur stripping
39990402 Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, or dyed
39990403 Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing
399905 Cigarette and cigar products and accessories
39990500 Cigarette and cigar products and accessories
39990501 Cigar and cigarette holders
39990502 Cigar lighters, except precious metal
39990503 Cigarette filters
39990504 Cigarette lighter flints
39990505 Cigarette lighters, except precious metal
39990506 Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holder
39990507 Matches and match books
39990508 Pipe cleaners
39990509 Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits
399906 Umbrellas, canes, and parts
39990600 Umbrellas, canes, and parts
39990601 Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metal
39990602 Parasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings
39990603 Umbrellas, garden or wagon
399907 Artificial trees and flowers
39990700 Artificial trees and flowers
39990701 Artificial flower arrangements
39990702 Christmas trees, artificial
39990703 Flowers, artificial and preserved
39990704 Foliage, artificial and preserved
39990705 Fruits, artificial and preserved
39990706 Grasses, artificial and preserved
39990707 Plants, artificial and preserved
39990708 Sprays, artificial and preserved
39990709 Wreaths, artificial
399908 Novelties, bric-a-brac, and hobby kits
39990800 Novelties, bric-a-brac, and hobby kits
39990801 Beads, unassembled
39990802 Boutiquing: decorating gift items with sequins, fruit, etc.
39990803 Bric-a-brac
39990804 Burnt wood articles
39990805 Calendars, framed
39990806 Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glass
39990807 Coins and tokens, non-currency
39990808 Embroidery kits
39990809 Miniatures
39990810 Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, or bone
39990811 Music boxes
39990812 Novelties: bone, beaded, or shell
39990813 Puppets and marionettes
39990814 Sewing kits, novelty
39990815 Straw goods
39990816 Stringing beads
39990817 Tinsel
39990818 Wind chimes
39990819 Lawn ornaments
399909 Beekeepers' supplies
39990900 Beekeepers' supplies
39990901 Honeycomb foundations (beekeepers' supplies)
39990902 Smokers, bee (beekeepers' supplies)
399910 Coin-operated amusement machines
39991000 Coin-operated amusement machines
39991001 Slot machines
399911 Models, except toy
39991100 Models, except toy
39991101 Airplane models, except toy
39991102 Boat models, except toy
39991103 Models, general, except toy
39991104 Railroad models, except toy
399912 Identification badges and insignia
39991200 Identification badges and insignia
39991201 Badges, metal: policemen, firemen, etc.
39991202 Buttons: Red Cross, union, identification
39991203 Identification plates
39991204 Identification tags, except paper
39991205 Military insignia
399913 Advertising display products
39991300 Advertising display products
39991301 Advertising curtains
39991302 Forms: display, dress, and show
39991303 Mannequins
399914 Handbag and luggage frames and handles
39991400 Handbag and luggage frames and handles
39991401 Handbag and pocketbook frames
39991402 Handles, handbag and luggage
39991403 Luggage frames
399999 Manufacturing industries, nec, nec
39999901 Atomizers, toiletry
39999902 Bleaching and dyeing of sponges
39999903 Blocks, hat
39999904 Bristles, dressing of
39999905 Candles
39999906 Carpet tackles
39999907 Decalcomania work, except on china and glass
39999908 Desk pads, except paper
39999909 Dock equipment and supplies, industrial
39999910 Education aids, devices and supplies
39999911 Figures, wax
39999912 Fingerprint equipment
39999913 Fire extinguishers, portable
39999914 Flocking metal products
39999915 Flyswatters
39999916 Globes, geographical
39999917 Gold stamping, except books
39999918 Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)
39999919 Hosiery kits, sewing and mending
39999920 Hot tub and spa covers
39999921 Hot tubs
39999922 Hydroponic equipment
39999923 Lamp shade frames
39999924 Magic equipment, supplies, and props
39999925 Nut shells, grinding, from purchased nuts
39999926 Painting instrument dials
39999927 Pet supplies
39999928 Plaques, picture, laminated
39999929 Potpourri
39999930 Preparation of slides and exhibits
39999931 Printing eyeglass frames
39999932 Self-defense sprays
39999933 Shades, lamp or candle
39999934 Shoe patterns
39999935 Soap dispensers
39999936 Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting
39999937 Stereographs, photographic
39999938 Tape measures
39999939 Tear gas devices and equipment
39999940 Theatrical scenery
39999941 Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material
39999943 Window squegees
39999944 Wool pulling
39999945 Wheelchair lifts
39999946 Fingernails, artificial
39999947 Grinding and pulverizing of materials, nec
39999948 Heating pads, nonelectric
39999949 Seeds, coated or treated, from purchased seeds
39999950 Framed artwork
39999951 Whistles

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )