SIC Codes - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

What is a SIC Code ?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. The classification was developed to facilitate the collection, presentation and analysis of data; and to promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies and private organizations. The classification covers all economic activities.

The SIC system arrays the economy into 11 divisions, that are divided into 83 2-digit major groups, that are further subdivided into 416 3-digit industry groups, and finally disaggregated into 1,005 4-digit industries. In the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code), which was released in 1997; however certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes.

The SIC system is also used by agencies in other countries, e.g., by the United Kingdom's Companies House.

SIC Code Title
80 Health Services
8011 Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors
801100 Offices and clinics of medical doctors
80110000 Offices and clinics of medical doctors
801101 Internal medicine practitioners
80110100 Internal medicine practitioners
80110101 Cardiologist and cardio-vascular specialist
80110102 Endocrinologist
80110103 Gastronomist
80110104 Hematologist
80110105 Internal medicine, physician/surgeon
80110106 Nephrologist
80110107 Neurologist
80110108 Oncologist
80110109 Pulmonary specialist, physician/surgeon
80110110 Neurosurgeon
801102 Medical centers
80110200 Medical centers
80110201 Ambulatory surgical center
80110202 Clinic, operated by physicians
80110203 Dispensary, operated by physicians
80110204 Freestanding emergency medical center
80110205 Primary care medical clinic
801103 Medical insurance associations
80110300 Medical insurance associations
80110301 Group health association
80110302 Health maintenance organization
80110303 Medical insurance plan
801104 Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
80110400 Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
80110401 Psychiatric clinic
80110402 Psychiatrist
80110403 Psychoanalyst
801105 Specialized medical practitioners, except internal
80110500 Specialized medical practitioners, except internal
80110501 Allergist
80110502 Anesthesiologist
80110503 Dermatologist
80110504 Diabetes specialist, physician/surgeon
80110505 Ears, nose, and throat specialist: physician/surgeon
80110506 Eyes, ears, nose, and throat specialist: physician/surgeon
80110507 Geriatric specialist, physician/surgeon
80110508 Gynecologist
80110509 Immunologist
80110510 Infectious disease specialist, physician/surgeon
80110511 Obstetrician
80110512 Oculist
80110513 Opthalmologist
80110514 Orthopedic physician
80110515 Pathologist
80110516 Pediatrician
80110517 Plastic surgeon
80110518 Proctologist
80110519 Radiologist
80110520 Rheumatology specialist, physician/surgeon
80110521 Sports medicine specialist, physician
80110522 Thoracic physician
80110523 Urologist
80110524 Fertility specialist, physician
801199 Offices and clinics of medical doctors, nec
80119901 General and family practice, physician/surgeon
80119902 Occupational and industrial specialist, physician/surgeon
80119903 Physical medicine, physician/surgeon
80119904 Physicians' office, including specialists
80119905 Surgeon
8021 Offices and Clinics of Dentists
802100 Offices and clinics of dentists
80210000 Offices and clinics of dentists
802101 Specialized dental practitioners
80210100 Specialized dental practitioners
80210101 Dental surgeon
80210102 Endodontist
80210103 Maxillofacial specialist
80210104 Oral pathologist
80210105 Orthodontist
80210106 Pedodontist
80210107 Periodontist
80210108 Prosthodontist
802102 Dental clinics and offices
80210200 Dental clinics and offices
80210201 Dental clinic
80210202 Dentists' office
802199 Offices and clinics of dentists, nec
80219901 Dental insurance plan
80219902 Group and corporate practice, dentist
8031 Offices and Clinics of Osteopathic Physicians
803100 Offices and clinics of osteopathic physicians
80310000 Offices and clinics of osteopathic physicians
8041 Offices and Clinics of Chiropractors
804100 Offices and clinics of chiropractors
80410000 Offices and clinics of chiropractors
8042 Offices and Clinics of Optometrists
804200 Offices and clinics of optometrists
80420000 Offices and clinics of optometrists
804201 Specialized optometrists
80420100 Specialized optometrists
80420101 Contact lens specialist optometrist
80420102 Geriatric specialist optometrist
80420103 Low vision specialist optometrist
80420104 Pediatric specialist optometrist
80420105 Visual training specialist optometrist
804299 Offices and clinics of optometrists, nec
80429901 Group and corporate practice, optometrist
8043 Offices and Clinics of Podiatrists
804300 Offices and clinics of podiatrists
80430000 Offices and clinics of podiatrists
8049 Offices of Health Practitioner
804900 Offices of health practitioner
80490000 Offices of health practitioner
804901 Nutrition specialist
80490100 Nutrition specialist
80490101 Dietician
80490102 Nutritionist
804902 Physical therapist
80490200 Physical therapist
80490201 Physiotherapist
804903 Speech specialist
80490300 Speech specialist
80490301 Speech pathologist
80490302 Speech therapist
804904 Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist
80490400 Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist
80490401 Clinical psychologist
80490402 Hypnotist
80490403 Psychiatric social worker
80490404 Psychotherapist, except M.D.
804905 Nurses and other medical assistants
80490500 Nurses and other medical assistants
80490501 Dental hygienist
80490502 Nurses, registered and practical
804999 Offices of health practitioners, nec
80499901 Acupuncturist
80499902 Audiologist
80499903 Biofeedback therapist
80499904 Chiropodist
80499905 Christian Science practitioner
80499906 Inhalation therapist
80499907 Midwife
80499908 Naturopath
80499909 Occupational therapist
80499910 Paramedic
80499911 Coroner
80499912 Massage Therapist
8051 Skilled Nursing Care Facilities
805100 Skilled nursing care facilities
80510000 Skilled nursing care facilities
805199 Skilled nursing care facilities, nec
80519901 Convalescent home with continuous nursing care
80519902 Extended care facility
80519903 Mental retardation hospital
8052 Intermediate Care Facilities
805200 Intermediate care facilities
80520000 Intermediate care facilities
805299 Intermediate care facilities, nec
80529901 Home for the mentally retarded, with health care
80529902 Personal care facility
8059 Nursing and Personal Care, Nec
805900 Nursing and personal care, nec
80590000 Nursing and personal care, nec
805999 Nursing and personal care, nec, nec
80599901 Convalescent home
80599902 Domiciliary care
80599903 Home for the mentally retarded, ex. skilled or intermediate
80599904 Nursing home, except skilled and intermediate care facility
80599905 Personal care home, with health care
80599906 Rest home, with health care
8062 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
806200 General medical and surgical hospitals
80620000 General medical and surgical hospitals
806299 General medical and surgical hospitals, nec
80629901 Hospital, affiliated with AMA residency
80629902 Hospital, med school affiliated with nursing and residency
80629903 Hospital, medical school affiliated with residency
80629904 Hospital, medical school affiliation
80629905 Hospital, professional nursing school
80629906 Hospital, professional nursing school with AMA residency
80629907 Hospital, AMA approved residency
8063 Psychiatric Hospitals
806300 Psychiatric hospitals
80630000 Psychiatric hospitals
806399 Psychiatric hospitals, nec
80639901 Mental hospital, except for the mentally retarded
8069 Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric
806900 Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
80690000 Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
806901 Substance abuse hospitals
80690100 Substance abuse hospitals
80690101 Alcoholism rehabilitation hospital
80690102 Drug addiction rehabilitation hospital
806902 Chronic disease hospital
80690200 Chronic disease hospital
80690201 Cancer hospital
806903 Respiratory hospital
80690300 Respiratory hospital
80690301 Tuberculosis hospital
806999 Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric, nec
80699901 Childrens' hospital
80699902 Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospital
80699903 Geriatric hospital
80699904 Maternity hospital
80699905 Orthopedic hospital
8071 Medical Laboratories
807100 Medical laboratories
80710000 Medical laboratories
807101 Testing laboratories
80710100 Testing laboratories
80710101 Bacteriological laboratory
80710102 Biological laboratory
80710103 Blood analysis laboratory
80710104 Pathological laboratory
80710105 Urinalysis laboratory
80710106 Neurological laboratory
807199 Medical laboratories, nec
80719901 Ultrasound laboratory
80719902 X-ray laboratory, including dental
8072 Dental Laboratories
807200 Dental laboratories
80720000 Dental laboratories
807299 Dental laboratories, nec
80729901 Artificial teeth production
80729902 Crown and bridge production
80729903 Denture production
80729904 Orthodontic appliance production
8082 Home Health Care Services
808200 Home health care services
80820000 Home health care services
808299 Home health care services, nec
80829901 Oxygen tent service
80829902 Visiting nurse service
8092 Kidney Dialysis Centers
809200 Kidney dialysis centers
80920000 Kidney dialysis centers
8093 Specialty Outpatient Clinics, Nec
809300 Specialty outpatient clinics, nec
80930000 Specialty outpatient clinics, nec
809301 Substance abuse clinics (outpatient)
80930100 Substance abuse clinics (outpatient)
80930101 Alcohol clinic, outpatient
80930102 Detoxification center, outpatient
80930103 Drug clinic, outpatient
809302 Respiratory health clinic
80930200 Respiratory health clinic
80930201 Respiratory therapy clinic
80930202 Smoking clinic
809303 Family planning and birth control clinics
80930300 Family planning and birth control clinics
80930301 Abortion clinic
80930302 Birth control clinic
80930303 Family planning clinic
809399 Specialty outpatient clinics, nec, nec
80939901 Biofeedback center
80939902 Mental health clinic, outpatient
80939903 Rehabilitation center, outpatient treatment
80939904 Speech defect clinic
80939905 Weight loss clinic, with medical staff
8099 Health and Allied Services, Nec
809900 Health and allied services, nec
80990000 Health and allied services, nec
809901 Blood related health services
80990100 Blood related health services
80990101 Blood bank
80990102 Blood donor station
80990103 Blood pressure testing
80990104 Plasmapherous center
809902 Physical examination and testing services
80990200 Physical examination and testing services
80990201 Health screening service
80990202 Hearing testing service
80990203 Physical examination service, insurance
809999 Health and allied services, nec, nec
80999901 Childbirth preparation clinic
80999902 Eye banks
80999903 Medical photography and art
80999904 Medical rescue squad
80999905 Medical services organization
80999906 Nutrition services
80999907 Osteoporosis center
80999908 Sperm bank
80999909 Organ bank

What are SIC Codes used for?

  • The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses SIC codes when sorting company filings.
  • Companies that operate in a certain industry use a specific SIC code when filing with the SEC so that the type of business is properly identified.
  • Identifying government contracts by their SIC description.
  • To facilitate the collection, presentation, and analysis of data.
  • To promote uniformity and comparability in the presentation of statistical data collected by various agencies of the federal government, state agencies, and private organizations.

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Why are SIC Codes important?

  • Your SIC code is often asked for on various applications and forms.
  • SIC Codes organize industries utilizing a numerical system that defines a business according to its highest revenue source at a particular location.
  • SIC Codes allow the gathering and analysis of data quickly and efficiently.
  • By identifying your company’s SIC Code, eligibility for government contracts may be realized.
  • To identify competitors, public and private.

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How to Read a SIC Code ?

For Example :

Division 20-39 Manufacturing
Major Group 25 Furniture and Fixtures
Industry Group 25 Office Furniture
Industry 2521 Wood Office Furniture

The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

( Note: The digit "9" is used in the third or fourth digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified (NEC). These miscellaneous classifications are not comprised of homogeneous primary activity groups. They are grouped together and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group. )